Ukrainian Films Go Global: an Internet Service KARTINA.TV Has Purchased a Lineup of FILM.UA Projects

• 06.08.2020

Now anyone can watch Ukrainian video content in Ukrainian in every corner of the world in a proper legal manner

Internet TV platform KARTINA.TV is a service that provides access to TV and video content to viewers irrespective of their geographic location. This platform has begun its cooperation with the FILM.UA Group and acquired some of its most popular and exciting projects.

It's the first-ever case for Ukrainian TV content to be available online globally, without any geoblocking, anywhere the audience is. This makes Ukrainian content more accessible for the Ukrainian diaspora, which is a potential audience of about 10 million people all around the globe.

CEO FILM.UA Distribution Igor Storchak tells about existing unfulfilled demand on the TV-products of the company: 

One of the most frequent questions from our compatriots abroad is how can we access FILM.UA produced content in a particular county. And now, we are happy to introduce an extensive and diverse video library at the KARTINA.TV platform. I want to note that it is the first time for a single service to host such a large selection of Ukrainian content. And we hope it is going to grow even larger soon.” 

CEO KARTINA.TV Andreas Reich says that demand for Ukrainian content is continuing to grow amongst Ukrainian diaspora.

"We are on this market for over 10 years, and we’ve developed a clear understanding of the interests and preferences our audience has. We carry over 25 best Ukrainian TV channels, and we notice a clear rise in demand on Ukrainian content, especially in VOD format. Now, thanks to our cooperation with FILM.UA, we can finally fulfill our audience’s appetites. FILM.UA content is available in a video library by the same name for all KARTINA.TV clients,” - said Andreas Reich.

KARTINA.TV offers to its subscribers a separate FILM.UA library containing movies, series, and TV shows. Some of them are brand new, and others are well established and popular all around the world. For instance, the service features both installments of the hit comedy Crazy Wedding, fantasy film The Stronghold, war drama Battle for Sevastopol, the longest-running series in Ukrainian ever Doctor on Call, extremely popular series Dr. Baby Dust, international smash hit The Sniffer, melodrama by Oksana Bairak Nothing Happens Twice, teenage drama series The New One, travel show Relatives on Tour, and many others.

It’s worth mentioning that KARTINA.TV service, apart from being available through exclusive tv boxes, can be used on Smart TV, and with Android и iOS apps.