A new area of activity: FILM.UA Group launches works on magnificent live shows creation

• 12.06.2020

Stage Show Company, formerly known as StarLight Entertainment, was affiliated to FILM.UA Group. It will continue creating large-scale multi-genre stage shows and performances, but already as part of the Group. 

In the near future, world-class technological shows will appear among FILM.UA Group projects. These will be implemented by Stage Show Company team, which has established itself on the market as a creator of modern, large-scale, innovative projects, including Guardians of Dreams, 3D show, House of Mysterious Adventures, multi-genre show, Winterra. The legend of the fairyland, 5D show, as well as Father Frost Residence, interactive fairy tale show, and Lapland 360, the interactive performance.

Our company was founded in 2015 and over 5 seasons of our activities we created 3 shows, each being unique in its own way, presented them to about 300,000 spectators from all over Ukraine and do not plan to rest upon this, says Natalia Gonchar, CEO, Stage Show Company. We create stories that, as we believe, touch, inspire and make you think about the most important things – family, love, care and responsibility. In this respect, our views coincide with FILM.UA Group values, in partnership with which we will continue creating high-quality Ukrainian content and popularizing it both within our country and abroad.

Our strategic tasks include leadership not only in the audio and visual content segment, but also in general in the entertainment market of Ukraine. Dynamic development of Live shows is a global trend, and we wish to offer Ukrainian audience a chance to become part of this process. We are sure that integration of our colleagues' experience, strategic approach, huge creative potential and synergy of all FILM.UA Group business areas will allow us to create a new chapter in the creative industry of Ukraine, commented Victoria Yarmoshchuk, CEO, FILM.UA Group.

Strategic cooperation of the companies will help creating synergy of formats and genres, supporting one of the Group’s philosophy ideas. Stage Show Company as part of FILM.UA Group has already launched the production of a new Mavka. The Showdown, live stage show, which will become part of Mavka universe – a unique case both for Ukrainian and international markets.

Moreover, Stage Show Company started preparations for the winter season. Traditionally, Father Frost Residence,the successful fairy tale show, will be open and not only at VDNG. During winter holidays, the company will present a completely new project, which will become a concentration of modern technological solutions, new formats of entertainment and unusual atmosphere. The project name and theme are kept secret.

And for the residents of Ukraine, Stage Show Company is preparing a New Year's gift – a countrywide tour of a large-scale winter show with an incredible story. But more about this later, in the meantime, follow the company news on the site, as well as on the official pages of Stage Show Company and FILM.UA Group in social networks, so as not to miss the upcoming advertisement!