Five months of 2020. Five successful TV premieres of FILM.UA Group series

• 27.05.2020

During the first five months of 2020 the series produced by FILM.UA Group literally exploded the TV air, winning the love of audience and high viewing rankings!

The pool of premieres in the beginning of 2020 had both iconic projects – Dr Babydust 4 melodrama, The Sniffer 4 detective series, the sequel to detective melodrama Nothing Happens Twice by Oksana Bayrak, and new series: Brave Squad, a multi-episode social and detective drama, and Women’s Secrets melodrama.

All these projects enjoyed the warmest welcome from the audience: they obtained excellent rankings, having become slot leaders for commercially active 18-54 (50+) and other audiences during the several weeks of screenings. Besides, our projects occupied leading positions in TOP broadcasts of the week.

In January, Ukraina TV channel premiered the fourth season of Dr Babydust, a melodrama which is a sure hit among the viewers. All seasons of the project have excellent results, and the fourth season was no exception.


The audience outreach has amounted to 3 million 689 thousand viewers
The series share and peak share for (18-54 (50 +)) are 10.55% and 13.49% respectively


We have to add that production department specializing in long projects was in charge for development and filming of the fourth season, with Yulia Mischenko as showrunner and Irina Kostyuk and Sergey Demidov as producers. And very soon we’ll tell you about the filming of the new fifth season of the medical drama.


In March, the fourth season of The Sniffer, an iconic detective series, was premiered on ICTV channel. Just like in previous seasons, the showrunner was Artem Litvinenko and the producer, Viktor Mirsky.

In the new season the protagonist finds out in which circumstances he obtained his unique gift. The Sniffer will also have to face a murderer who has been following him for a long time.

The audience outreach has amounted to 2 million 64 thousand viewers
The series share and peak share for (18-54 (50 +)) are 11.46% and 13.25% respectively


The sequel to Nothing Happens Twice, a film by Oksana Bayrak, was broadcast by STB channel in March.

The viewers were very much looking forward to the end of the protagonists’ story: the first eight episodes of the sequel had very emotional feedback from the audience. The TV novella produced by Viktor Mirsky, Oksana Bayrak and Lyudmila Semchuk immediately headed TOP 10 programs of the week.

The audience outreach has amounted to 2 million 425 thousand viewers
The series share and peak share for (18-54 (50 +)) are 12.60% and 14.13% respectively


In the beginning of April, the premiere of The Brave Squad social detective drama started; it is a project by showrunner Yulia Mischenko and producers Iryna Kostyuk, Artem Stetsenko, Sergey Demidov, Viktoria Korogod, Elena Kanishevskaya, and Oksana Tunik.

This is the first strong Ukrainian project revealing the issue of domestic violence. The multi-episode story had significant success among the audience: for several weeks of broadcasts, The Brave Squad kept a leading position in the slot by four audiences: 18-54 (50+), 18+ (50+), 18-54 (Ukr), 18+ (Ukr).

The audience outreach has amounted to 2 million 93 thousand viewers
The series share and peak share for (18-54 (50 +)) are 10.60% and 12.22% respectively

In April, the first 18 episodes of The Brave Squad were broadcast. The nearest plans include the filming of new episodes to be premiered this fall.


On May 11, the premiere of 12-episode melodrama Women’s Secrets started on Ukraina TV channel. The project’s director was Maksim Mekheda and the producers were Viktor Mirsky and Andrey Rizvanyuk.

The TV show was received very well, and the story about love, lies and mistakes hit it home among the viewers. The project kept its leading position in the slot for four main audiences during the whole term of broadcast, and the TV show’s share exceeded that of the channel by 50 per cent.

The audience outreach has amounted to 3 million 640 thousand viewers
The series share and peak share for (18-54 (50 +)) are 11.79% and 16.47% respectively


Our congratulations go to all colleagues who worked on these projects! Five successful TV premieres in the first five months of the year are an outstanding result!

We wish you more fascinating filming shifts and look forward to the sequels of our favorite franchises as well as to the releases of new series.