International trailer to The Sniffer 4 detective series published on the Internet

• 18.05.2020

We proudly present the international trailer to The Sniffer detective series fourth season, a project that has become a real favorite among the viewers.

Presently FILM.UA Distribution actively works on the project’s international sales: we are sure that we’ll come back to you soon with great news.

And for now let us watch the trailer…

The video starts from a confession: The Sniffer tells about his past. It turns out that in his childhood he became an accidental witness of murder. Running away from the criminal, the boy found himself in underground passages where he then lost his way… Since those times from long ago our protagonist has had manifestations of his gift, a unique sense of smell.

Now The Sniffer investigates new cases to clarify details of his past. He doesn’t know that all these years the murderer has been patiently waiting for the right moment and has now announced a hunt for The Sniffer…

We have to add that The Sniffer 4 premiere took place on ICTV and did so with great success and excellent rankings.

The Sniffer has been and still is the most famous Ukrainian series abroad. It became the first Ukrainian project appearing in the catalogue of Netflix, a major film service; its three seasons can also be watched on Amazon.

The project has been sold to more than 60 territories, and every year the story about a man with unique sense of smell is screened in various countries with great success.

TF1 (France) and NHK (Japan) acquired rights to The Sniffer format. And the Japanese version of our detective story has already been broadcast on local television.


More details about the project:

About the project

Director: Artem Litvinenko (with the participation of Anton Shcherbakov)

Producer: Viktor Mirsky

Executive producer: Maksim Asadchiy

Director of photography: Yevgeny Gubrenko

Scriptwriter: Artem Litvinenko, Andrey Babik

Cast: Kirill Kyaro, Ivan Oganesyan, Agne Grudite, Nikolai Chindyajkin, Maria Anikanova, Nina Gogaeva and others.