Luminous cinema from FILM.UA: Ukrainian films for energy field employees

• 15.05.2020

FILM.UA Group and DTEK implemented a joint project to support power engineers and gas production experts, “Luminous cinema from FILM.UA.” 

On May 1-7, a series of contemporary Ukrainian films was screened for the employees of power stations, distribution grid operators and gas production experts providing energy for Ukraine. DTEK employees were offered to watch Crazy Wedding, Crazy Wedding 2, The Rising Hawk and Okean Elzy 2.0, a concert film. The content was provided by FILM.UA group, and the broadcast partner was

Due to introduction of quarantine, energy field employees have also found themselves in isolation. But they are not in their own homes with families, access to TV shows and homemade food but in workplaces. Almost 2,000 DTEK employees are working without breaks for weeks to prevent coronavirus spread at strategic locations and to keep themselves and their families healthy. The first shift worked in isolation for over three weeks. The employees joke that this was the longest working day in their lives. All this has been for our sake to provide power for the whole country, in particular for hospitals to function. 

The goal of the project is to organize cultural leisure of power engineers in isolation, to thank and support them. 

“This joint project is critical as it draws the society’s attention to the mutual connection among industries and people, reminds about the role of culture, energy and industrial production as the restoration and growth of these fields will allow to overcome the economic crisis. DTEK energy brings light and warmth to people. Contemporary Ukrainian cinema can inspire. The main idea of the project is to remind how much we as employees of different industries are interconnected, how vital human communication and support are. We are all in the same boat,” said Olga Zakharova, head of corporate communications direction at DTEK. 

Besides, it is important to bring it home to the society that regular things that were taken for granted before the quarantine now require extreme effort. FILM.UA Group as a representative of cultural field does stand aside. Our field is among those helping people to overcome the hardships of today, to diversify leisure in isolation. The authors of Ukrainian films were honored to show their works to those on the frontline today. So this initiative is no less important for creative groups in the challenging situation of ambiguity the field is living through as receiving feedback became real support for experts and confirmed the necessity and significance of their activities. The viewers got films and the filmmakers an audience for their products. 

“As we work in the cinema we know well that a big team remains behind the scenes. Today in real life power engineers are also behind the scenes. Thousands of experts in energy field work in isolation to provide continuous power supply to us. They support our life, including the functioning of hospitals. We are very grateful to you and are honored to help the way we can,” said Viktoria Yarmoshchuk, CEO at FILM.UA Group. 

After screening, a big online meeting of viewers and creative groups of the films took place. It was attended by representatives of The Rising Hawk creative crew, director Akhtem Seitablayev, actors Oleg Voloschenko and Andriy Isayenko, and representatives from Crazy Wedding, actor and producer Yuriy Gorbunov, actor Nazar Zadniprovsky, and actress Inna Prykhodko. The meeting’s moderator was Dmytro Maystrenko, promo producer at FILM.UA Group. 

From DTEK, the employees of the following objects joined: Olefirivka gas preparation station (Poltava region), Kurakhivska thermal power station (Donetsk region), Luhansk thermal power station (Luhansk region), Prydniprovska thermal power station (Dnipropetrovsk region), Zaporizhzhya thermal power station (Zaporizhzhya region), Ladyzhinska thermal power station (Vinnytsya region), Dobrotvirska thermal power station (Lviv region), Burshtynska thermal power station (Ivano-Frankivsk region), dispatchers of DTEK Kyiv network, in particular Central dispatching service and local electric grids: Northern, Left-Bank, Right-Bank, and Central. 

According to DTEK employees, this project has become a source of support and inspiration during work excluding contacts with the outside word. “When communicating with creative crews of the films we became convinced yet again that we do something useful and important. Thanks for their creative work and warm words addressed to energy field employees. This project has demonstrated that Ukrainian cinema is coming to life and that in our country there are lots of really good films. When watching them we even felt at home for some time, like we were together with our families watching movies in the evening,” said DTEK power engineers and gas production experts. 

All industries are mutually dependent and today all are important as never before!

#EveryoneIsImportant #StayTogether #distantnotapart 


FILM.UA Group is the biggest Eastern European vertically integrated group of companies in film and TV production. The group develops, produces, adapts, distributes and delivers audiovisual content providing a full range of services. 

DTEK is the biggest private investor in Ukrainian energy system. DTEK Group extracts natural gas and coal producing power at solar, wind and thermal power stations, distributes and supplies power to the clients, introduces energy-efficient solutions, and develops a network of high-speed charging stations for electric cars.