FILM.UA Group presents 12 video clips to express gratitude to Ukrainian doctors within “Thank you doctor” project

• 27.04.2020

From April 27 to May 8, video messages, in which popular Ukrainian actors will say their words of gratitude to the doctors-heroes, will be posted daily on Facebook pages of FILM.UA Group and Zdorovi Agency.

“Thank you doctor” is a project initiated by Zdorovi Agency and UNICEF Children's Fund. It is intended to express words of support and gratitude to all doctors who save lives every day and fight hard against the pandemic.

On its part, FILM.UA Group joined the initiative in the format of video messages by eleven famous actors. The campaign participants will share their real-life stories about meeting doctors and their help, as well as express their support in these videos. The actors will include those who played doctors in movies and TV series produced by FILM.UA Group. The artists will emphasize that the things happening on the screen are daily repeated by true heroes in real life. Following all video clips release, FILM.UA Group will present the final one, where each of the actors will once again say “thank you” to doctors.

Akhtem Seitablaiev, Nazar Zadniprovskyi, Oleh Voloshchenko, Jimmy Vokha-Vokha, Alesia Romanova, Inna Prykhodko, Aram Arzumanian, Oleksandr Norchuk, Iryna Tkalenko, Daryna Yehorkina and Maksym Mykhailichenko took part in the campaign.

Team of Natalka Yakymovych, the general producer of Pay TV of FILM.UA Group TV channels, was engaged in the project post-production on part of FILM.UA Group. Video clips are also planned to be released on 36.6, Dacha and KusKus TV channels.

Polina Tolmachova, Marketing Director, FILM.UA Group, comments on the company decision to take part in the project: “We are extremely grateful to those who defend us in these difficult times of crisis. We try to help and are happy to be useful. We are grateful to all health professionals and all the people who now keep our country, our society operating. We are ready to tell new fascinating stories about them. That is why we promise: on its part, FILM.UA Group will do everything so that we can see each other in the cinema and by TV screens in the near future!”

“The project has clearly demonstrated that doctors and health professionals fight for our safety every day, show self-sacrifice and put both us, their patients, and society first. And it's not just during the pandemic. The stories of stars, representatives of business communities, public associations, and just caring people who actively participated in #thankyoudoctor project, showed the unlimited world of inspired help that our wonderful brave heroes have created, are creating and will create,” says Nataliia Tulinova, the founder of Zdorovi Agency.

The main objective of “Thank you doctor” project is to increase trust in health professionals, to express gratitude to those who save lives, and to improve treatment efficiency. Participation is carried out in format of video messages (stories or video posts) or text messages, as well as photos with the project marks. The campaign started on April 3, 2020.

Watch the first video clip by FILM.UA Group featuring Akhtem Seitablaiev at.