Vasya and Quarantine: interactive web series about our life

• 21.04.2020

On April 21 FILM.UA YouTube channel premiered the first episode of Vasya and Quarantine interactive web series

The new series is set in here and now. The protagonist is a regular guy Vasya who is forced to stay home during the pandemic, just like all of us. He is bored, he wants to see his girlfriend Valya but she is afraid of getting sick and doesn’t let him come. Their relationship is under threat, so what will happen next?

Each episode is a separate Skype conversation of Vasya with his girlfriend, family and friends. And though our protagonist doesn’t leave his house he ends up in lots of funny situations.

Director and screenwriter Arkadiy Nepytalyuk and producer Olesya Lukyanenko position the series as interactive. And they invite actors to participate. The series evolves here and now, and each actor will be provided with a role, the authors claim.

Standstill in your profession is not something you want even during lockdown so we decided to make a film via Skype. At home, in self-isolation you can still do what you love. This is a training of sorts, first of all for the actors to warm up a bit and also to get distracted,” says Olesya Lukyanenko.

The lead roles are played by Dmitry Khom’yak and Natalya Kobizka. Olena Uzlyuk, Vladimir Kravchuk, Yulia Vrublevska also confirmed their participation. The cast will be expanded further on in the future.

By the way, every viewer can become a co-author for the stories. Watch new episodes, leave your comments, quote your real phone conversations or describe situations our character can find himself in and join the series.

Lockdown-style life, familiar situations, comical exchanges between the characters and an interactive component – Vasya and Quarantine has all chances to become the most popular series of this spring.

See you on YouTube!