• 10.04.2020

Maid-in-Law romantic fantasy feature (by FILM.UA Production) becomes available on the Internet. Starting from April 10 the film can be purchased on such legal online services as MEGOGO, SWEET.TV, OLL.TV and 1+1 VIDEO. 

This January Ukrainian cinemas screened Maid-in-Law, a feature based on Felix Austria, a bestselling novel by Sofia Andrukhovych. Its online premiere will take place on April 10. The digital release partners are the main Ukrainian online platforms: MEGOGO, SWEET.TV, OLL.TV and 1+1 VIDEO

Publication of films on online platforms after theatrical releases is a generally accepted distribution practice allowing to capture the widest possible viewership, helping to engage additional audiences and also permitting the people not to limit themselves in time and amount of legal viewing for favorite films. Besides, during the national lockdown only online platforms are able to fully satisfy the demands of cinema aficionados.

The official distributor of Maid-in-Law fantasy feature is FILM.UA Distribution, a company owning rights to the national and international sales of content produced by FILM.UA Group.

 Finally Ukrainian audience will be able to watch Maid-in-Law on legal online platforms: MEGOGO, SWEET.TV, OLL.TV and 1+1 VIDEO. After the end of release we received an incredible number of messages on the project’s pages in social networks with a question where and how it would be possible to watch the film online. We understood that a lot of people want to rewatch the movie and there are those who haven’t managed to see it in the cinemas. Due to the quarantine, online is for now the only opportunity to extend the film’s life. That is why we are happy that it is present at all online platforms. We thank the audience for their patience and willingness to watch Ukrainian cinema on legal resources,” says Nadia Zayonchkovska, Maid-in-Law producer.

Follow the resources of abovementioned platforms and buy Maid-in-Law feature there.

The film was made by FILM.UA Production and supported by Ukrainian Government and Ministry of Culture.