Watch the teaser to The Brave Squad, a multi-episode social detective drama

• 31.03.2020

On March 31, a teaser to The Brave Squad was published on the Internet. This is a multi-episode social detective drama, a project by FILM.UA Group and Ukraina TV channel. The series premiere starts on April 6.

From the first shots of the teaser the viewers find out that a special unit was established to fight domestic violence, and it consists only of women. The teaser also shows the protagonists who are the investigators of the new unit…

Victims of violence never trust anyone – this is something you have to remember,” explains one of the investigators in a harsh voice.

And meanwhile in a snowy forest the murderer drags his victim, trying to hide the traces of his crime…

The Brave Squad premiere starts on April 6 on Ukraina TV channel.

Each episode is a new story: brave investigators will come to the rescue of people suffering humiliation and tyranny.

The stories of the protagonists will also be shown as each of them has come to this unit for a reason…



The Domestic Violence Unit was created in the wake of the renewed work of law enforcement bodies. It is headed by Inga Nikolaevna Dolinskaya, police captain. She fought for the creation of the Unit and developed the basic principles of its work.

Her girl Friday is Renata Markovich, major, forensic scientist, who had been working with Interpol for a long time. She uses her experience and knowledge of criminology to expose the truth of each particular case. Uliana Biliak - IT specialist, working for the Unit. She extracts information for investigators that cannot be quickly obtained through official means. Solomiya Didukh - a psychologist, working for the Unit. She is a responsive, tactful and honest person. But, like each of the four female investigators, she has her own "skeleton in the closet".

The brave investigators are expected to have complex and complicated cases and difficult life stories.

But besides the enemy from without, each of them must defeat the enemy from within and tough it out. And only by helping others they will help themselves.

Cast: Irina Lanovenko, Alexandra Luta, Daria Petrozhytska, Alexandra Goncharova, Andrey Merzlikin, Alexander Norchuk, Viacheslav Vasiliuk, Vitaly Derevianchuk, Alexandra Polguy, Maxim Kaniuka, Angelina Stepanenko, Vladislav Goncharov and others.

Director: Maxim Gulenko, Pavel Mashchenko

Director of photography: Vladimir Ostapets

Scriptwriter: Olga Artiukh, Mark Shparber, Antonina Pikhovshek, Oksana Savchenko, Tamara Nikitchina, Ekaterina Pekur, Tatiana Yereskina, Sergey and Natalya Shevchenko, Inga Balitskaya, Lana Ivanitsa, Irina Feofanova.

Producer: Elena Kanishevskaya, Oksana Tunik, Victoria Korogod, Irina Kostiuk, Yulia Mishchenko, Artem Stetsenko, Sergey Demidov