Integrated Solutions Agency Brandly offers a unique case: partner placements on FILM.UA Group channels

• 25.03.2020

FILM.UA Group, represented by Integrated Solutions Agency Brandly, offers special loyal conditions for placing media campaigns on its TV and digital channels.

It is known that many brands withdraw, postpone or freeze their media campaigns during the pandemic. Silence, even in times of a crisis, may not have the best effect on the brand, especially in FMCG sector, as consumption continues, while demand for some product groups is growing drastically, on the contrary. That is why FILM.UA Group, like any responsible Ukrainian business, cannot stay aside from the current situation.

The group is the owner of Pay TV channels (Kus Kus, 36.6 TV, Dacha, FILMUADRAMA, EPOQUE), which are included in the packages of the largest providers, as well as cable networks, which guarantees national coverage. Channels are positioned for various audiences with different interests ensuring targeted contacts for different brands.

Family is, the largest YouTube channel for progressive mothers in Eastern Europe, which is also owned by FILM.UA Group, covers millions of young women and mothers who make decisions in the family on food, medicine purchases and more, who choose online stores and delivery services.

“We, like other businesses, face new challenges in difficult times: how not to lose customers, how to keep a team, how to optimize processes. Without question, one of the most important issues for everyone is how to cut costs. So, we know that many companies are significantly reducing or completely freezing their marketing budgets. This means that the brand disappears from the consumer's field of view. We also know that this can have negative consequences for business.

That is why we have developed special partnership conditions for brands related to media placement on Pay TV channels owned by FILM.UA Group. It is 10 million loyal viewers a month and national coverage made available to companies. In such a way we strive to support businesses until the situation stabilizes,” said Yuliia Pylypenko, Director, Brandly by FILM.UA Group.

Quarantine is not only a time of great challenges, but also an opportunity to review and optimize business processes. But it is definitely not a reason to remain silent and disappear from the consumer's information space. And FILM.UA Group is ready to help! 

Keep calm, take care of your health and stay on air!

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