Stars Exchange Unites the Very Best: partnering Brands Featuring in the Upcoming Comedy are Revealed!

• 24.03.2020

Stars Exchange family comedy, which will hit the theaters on a Christmas season 2020/21, won’t only feature Ukrainian celebrities Olya Polyakova and DZIDZIO, but will also show big Ukrainian brands.

Ice cream ‘LASUNKA’, fuel station chain WOG, and the perfume and makeup web store ‘MAKEUP’ will appear on the screen.

International research confirms that 85% of viewers notice featured brands on screen, 60% take the integration in a positive light, and 57% made a purchase of a featured product.

More and more brands support Ukrainian films. Over the past two years, the biggest releases of FILM.UA Group - ‘The Rising Hawk’, ‘Crazy Wedding’, ’Crazy Wedding 2’, and ’Pulse’ partnered with 12 best Ukrainian and global companies. There is a great variety of methods of brand involvement ranging from integration into the content itself to the varying cooperation around marketing and promo campaigns of upcoming films. 

Content, in one way or another, became an integral part to the marketing strategies of the companies. The brand can build its own storytelling, or become the part of a bigger story that will attract the viewer’s attention with greater certainty. The second method can be even more effective, as the brand can tap into the merit of the content, utilize the celebrity factor, promo campaigns, and the loyal audience that such medium has.

Our new explosive comedy ’Stars Exchange’, which will be released this Christmas season, will feature 3 brands at ones: ice cream ‘LASUNKA’, fuel station chain WOG, and the perfume and makeup web-store ‘MAKEUP’, all of them are part of the daily life of Ukrainians. In this film, the brands will be interwoven in the character story, which will allow the viewers to associate themselves with these brands.

We are proud that as the quality of Ukrainian films grows is reaching that of the best foreign films, brands discover new channels of building an emotional connection with their consumers,” - tells Yulia Pylypenko, the head of Brandly agency by FILM.UA Group.

To find out how these brands would be represented in the upcoming company, you’ll have to wait till the end of this year. But during the production, there will be surprising interactions, intriguing formats of cooperation, and extraordinary marketing campaigns. So, if you don’t want to miss any of that, keep an eye on our news!


Synopsis: Principled competitors on stage, show-biz stars Polya Molyakova and Khoma Mykhailovskyi, switch bodies with each other in a mysterious way. They desperately try to get their lives back but to achieve this goal each of them has to fix family and romantic issues of a counterpart.

Director: Oleksiy Daruga

Scriptwriters: Serhiy Kastornykh, Artur Petrov 

Director of photography: Tymofiy Avramchuk 

Producers: Mykhailo Yasinskiy, Egor Olesov, Natalia Yukhno, Olya Polyakova

Production: KINOROB, Secret Service Entertainment Agency

Cast: Olya Polyakova, Dzidzio