Dramatic success stories about paths to victory from Oksana Boturchuk, Yana Klochkova, Olga Kharlan and four more Ukrainian Paralympic and Olympic champions appeared in Kyiv subway close to Pulse premiere

• 06.03.2020

A joint campaign from FILM.UA Group and Kyiv Underground #tothecinemabysybway is gaining speed!

Seven extraordinary posters appeared in the carriages of a train coursing along Obolon-Teremky (blue) subway line. For a month the passengers of cinema train will find out the stories of real Ukrainian heroines: Oksana Boturchuk, Yana Klochkova, Olga Kharlan, Olena Yurkovska, Oleksandra Kononova, Iryna Merlenya, and Maria Pomazan.

The project’s goal is to draw the attention of Ukrainians to contemporary national heroes and their victories in honor of the country; behind those victories there are always real life stories filled with great work, will and inspiration. The catalyst to implement such project was the story of Ukrainian Paralympic champion in track-and-field Oksana Boturchuk whose story became the foundation for Pulse script; the film’s national premiere is planned for March 19.

I still can’t believe they’ve made a film about me. But if you aspire for something really hard everything is possible. I don’t just believe in it, I know it. And the best example is my sports victories and the triumphs of other athletes. They didn’t believe in us, they put obstacles in front of is but we overcame all that,” said Oksana Boturchuk, Paralympic champion.

Pulse film train became one more stage in implementing a wide cultural and educational joint campaign from FILM.UA Group and Kyiv Underground, #tothecinemabysubway. Before, this project featured the following film trains:

  • “Mila’s Kyiv” telling the history of ancient Kyiv, before the release of The Stolen Princess animated feature;

  • telling the stages of feature film creation using The Rising Hawk historical action as an example;

  • with the biography of outstanding British journalist Gareth Jones who was the first to reveal the truth about the Famine of 1932-33 in Ukraine to the global community (before the release of Mr Jones historical thriller);

  • describing the facts of resistance from Ukrainian minesweeper Cherkasy and its heroes fighting Russian occupants in March 2014 (before the release of Cherkasy military drama).

Besides, #tothecinemabysubway featured a knight flashmob before the premiere of The Stronghold fantasy feature, “The Wanderers” performance (before Mr Jones premiere), and other activities.

For us this project is important in the context of transport infrastructure accessibility. We actively work on changes and openness for all categories with mobility challenges. This is a long and difficult journey but it is still extremely necessary. So we thank our partners for social cooperation in this field,” says Natalka Makogon, deputy head of Kyiv Underground.

In our opinion, this project is a great example of the way contemporary cultural and educational activities should look like. Surrounded by visual noise of advertising and the fast-paced environment of a huge city in subway crowds, human eye and brain immediately singles out something great, something real. The stories of our contemporaries, real heroines, give us hope that no matter how hard life can get there is always a way. If Oksana and other Ukrainian athletes could do it, you can as well,” says Egor Olesov, film producer.

Pulse is a sport biopic based on a real story of Ukrainian champion Oksana Boturchuk. The filming was completed in the beginning of autumn. The premiere date is March 19, 2020.

The producer of Pulse is KINOROB with the support of Ukrainian Ministry of Culture. The official partner of the first Ukrainian feature about an athlete’s life is Kyivstar, national mobile operator.*

You can follow the project news on its official pages in Facebook and Instagram.

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Ukrainian premiere: March 19, 2020

Genre: sports drama

Production: KINOROB (Battle for Sevastopol, The Stronghold, The Rising Hawk, Mr Jones)

Distributors: MMD UA and FILM.UA Distribution

Director: Sergiy Chebotarenko

Producer: Egor Olesov

Cameraman: Yuriy Korol

Screenwriters: Yaroslav Voytseshek, Maksym Chernysh

Art director: Maria Ostrovska

Costume designer: Ruslan Khvastov

Makeup artist: Alla Leonova

Cast: Natalia Babenko (Oksana), Stanislav Boklan (coach), Viktoria Levhchenko (Olena, Oksana’s sister), Natalya Dolya (mother), Oleksandr Kobzar (father), Lilia Rebryk (coach Iryna, Akhtem Seitablayev (doctor), Roman Yasinovsky (Dmytro), Maksym Samchyk (Maks), Sergiy Luzanovsky (Sergiy), Darya Barikhashvili (Hanna), and others.

Synopsis: A young Ukrainian track and field athlete lives in a small town and has a big dream – to make it to the Olympic Games. Her sports career is only starting but she demonstrates good results. However, due to a terrible car accident the girl suffers grave injuries and almost loses her eyesight. It seems that now Oksana has lost all chances not just to make it to the coveted Olympic Games but also to live a normal life. However, the girl is not going to give up and plans to prove that there are no obstacles on the way to a real dream.

*Information about the company:

Kyivstar is a Ukrainian telecommunications operator providing communications and data transfer services using a wide range of mobile and fixed technologies, including 3G and 4G. The operator has 26.2 million subscribers. According to Ookla research in the second and third quarter of 2019. the average speed of mobile data transfer on devices with 4G support in Kyivstar network is the highest in Ukraine.

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