YouTube Channel FILM.UA Group Conquers New Peaks!

• 09.03.2020

In February, sum total views on YouTube-channel FILM.UA Group went over a billion. It happened over the 10 years of the channel’s existence. 

Over this period, our channel featured over 2,3 thousand content pieces: clips from the movies and series, music videos and soundtracks of feature films, TV and web shows, etc.

And the view count isn’t a single number that grows, subscribership does so as well. Last year FILM.UA Group page was awarded a Golden YouTube button, a distinction of channels that have reached the 1 000 000 subscriber mark. And today, the page has over 1,4 million subs.

The official FILM.UA YouTube-channel is the place where one can enjoy most projects of the studio in every genre for free, and legally. For instance, one can access some of our best projects: detective series ‘The Sniffer’ with four seasons available on YouTube, or the longest-running series in the Ukrainian language – ‘Doctor on Call’. Or the first Ukrainian noir crime drama ‘Hide and Seek’, that had captivated professional audience on many European film industry events. Also, our channel features the 8-part film by Oksana Bayrak ‘Nothing Happens Twice’.

The channel also carries trailers, backstage footage, official music videos, and other content related to film releases of the studio. And besides, there are original web projects of the studio: like cooking videos ‘Galician Treats’, or the urban exploration documentary series ‘Insiders Project’.

Music videos and soundtracks enjoy exceptional popularity – ‘Do Zirok’ (To the Stars) by Vremya i Steklo, ‘Pereval’ (Mountain Pass) by Okean Elzy, ‘The Price of Truth’ by Jamala, ‘Vitryla’ (Sails) by MELOVIN, and many others. And a video for the song ‘Vilna’ from official OST to the film ‘Felix Austria’ aka ‘Maid-in-law’ had attained over 5,7 million views.

The content of the channel is so diverse, that its audience encompasses drastically distinctive age and taste-preference groups. The channel of the FILM.UA group became a powerful media platform with its audience in itself. 

We live in a time when one can certainly say that video content is of the utmost importance, and today's YouTube long became ‘the Google for video’. Instead of querying in the search engine, people tend to go straight for YouTube to see the answer with their own eyes. And there’s no surprise to it, as YouTube grows by 500 hrs of video content every minute. What does this mean for video producers? That the competition is immense, and one has to fight tooth and nail for the viewership.

Now our effort is focused on putting out the best quality content, and to optimize every video, to make an interaction between the viewer and our content as enjoyable and effective as possible” – comments Iryna Burgela, the Head of Digital FILM.UA group.

We congratulate everyone involved and invite everybody to watch the FILM.UA Group’s best projects now!