Second Season of Love In Chains Costume Drama is Now Available on Amazon Prime

• 04.03.2020

One of the world’s most popular VOD-service, Amazon Prime, now features both seasons of the series.

‘Love In Chains’ is a costume drama set in the second half of the 19th century in the Chernihiv region. The plot centers around the story of a young bondmaid Kateryna that was brought up like a noble lady.

Kateryna is beautiful, clever and by the will of her godmother was raised as a lady of noble blood. But for the whole world, she is only someone else’s property, a bondmaid of the richest landowner in Nizhyn, Chervinskyi. Struggling for her freedom and the right to be happy, she will have to endure the deaths of her closest people, become а property of a woman who hates her and wants to kill her, to survive the popular uprising, escape while being chased by a maniac and flee from the one who wants to get her above all.

Series enjoyed great success on Ukrainian television, on STB channel. The first season was broadcasted last spring, and the second season – in September. Moreover, ‘Love In Chains’ had a resounding success in Poland. The TVP1 channel had broadcasted both seasons of the drama back to back. The project had set a number of records, and accumulated thousands of devoted fans in Poland.

On Amazon Prime, the first season had attracted viewership straight away, getting a lot of fans and favorable reviews. The first 24 episodes appeared on the platform in September 2019, and the second season is available now in TVOD and EST formats.

The third season of the costume drama ‘Love In Chains’ is in the pre-production stage. 

The premiere is planned for 2021.