Premiere of ‘Insiders Project’ Urban Exploration Documentary Series on FILM.UA Group’s YouTube Channel!

• 03.03.2020

From now, on FILM.UA Group’s YouTube channel will feature all episodes of the project accessible for free. Every Friday, the new episode would be released.

Insiders Project is a series of documentary films on extreme urban exploration.

Underground tunnels, bomb shelters, subway, abandoned factories, subterranean rivers, the tallest bridges and rooftops, – all the hard-to-access locations, either under- or overground, remnants of different epochs, all of them became a subject to an exploration by the ‘Insiders Project’. The filming crew has to enter these facilities and get inside at any cost! It can be changing: climbing down the wells and shafts by flimsy rusted ladders, scale the tallest rooftops, bridges, and towers, raft down the underground rivers – often with next to no precautions… Urban exploration is a hobby for experienced thrill-seekers, and not for the faint of heart. But, with ‘Insiders Project’ a viewer can partake in crossing the boundaries, seeing the other side of the city, and sensing the fragility of human life in the comparison with a millennium spanning might of a merciless Megapolis.

There are 8 episodes in store for our viewers: ‘House With the Star’, ‘The Dying Factory’, ‘Concrete Vertical’, ‘The Lost Shelter’, ‘There Be Giants’, ‘Underground River’, ‘Bolshevik’, ‘DefunctTube’.

Also, FILM.UA Group’s YouTube channel features a 40-minute film on Chernobyl by Insiders Project. It’s made from two episodes, which cover mysteries of the Exclusion zone of the Chernobyl power plant and the abandoned Pripyat’ city. All 10 episodes of the ‘Insiders Project’ First season are accessible on Amazon Prime.