Grand premiere of Cherkasy war action drama was held in Kyiv

• 26.02.2020

On February 25, the epic premiere of the Cherkasy movie based on actual events was conducted at Kyiv Rus cinema in Kyiv.

The movie is about the same-amed mine sweeper, which was blocked by the Russian vessels in Donuzlav Bay during the annexation of Crimea in the beginning of 2014. 'Cherkasy" was the last Ukrainian ship, which resisted and did not haul down the national flag.

The film crew also came to the premiere: the Director Timur Yashchenko, Producers Martha Lotysh and Irina Klimenko, actors Roman Semysal, Dmytro Sova, Yevhen Lamakh, Oleh Shcherbyna, Ruslan Koval, Yevhen Avdieienko, Mykhailo Voskoboinik, Oleksandr Laptii, Vadym Lialko, Oles Katsion and Vadym Zapisochnyi, as well as Yurii Fedash, the commander of U311, who was the movie consultant.

The official part of the event was held in the cinema foyer. The crew shared their impressions of working on the movie and interesting stories about the production process.

The jewel of this part was the performance of the Honored Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which played, in particular, part of the movie soundtrack – the songs “Chorna Gora (Black Mountain)” and “Voiiny Svitla (Warriors of Light)”.

The powerful energy I received on Maidan had to be applied to something. First, I saw the news about Cherkasy movie. I am from the city of Cherkasy, and it was very important for me to make this movie – I saw it as my white whale. And when I saw that video from Olshanskyi ship, where the guys were singing “Voiiny Svitla (Warriors of Light)”, and there was a caption explaining it was “Cherkasy”... And all the stars aligned. In addition to the resistance and heroism of this mine sweeper, I was keen to show the world of the naval forces of Ukraine to my audience. I would like to dedicate this film to Ukraine for the the way to independence it has chosen,said the movie director Tymur Yashchenko.

Yuriy Fedash, the Commander of “Cherkasy” ship, also told his story:

I don't think that me and my crew are the heroes. We were just trying to do our job as every military should do. We tried to get out of this situation and to stay humane, the military, to fulfill our duty and not to betray our oath. A lose-lose situation is not the reason to surrender to an enemy or to make any concessions. We should protect the interests of our country using all means and methods while we still can. And the Ukrainian movie production industry can be of help by making more movies about the military.”

Viktor Andriienko, Andrii Kokotiukha, Olha Navrotska, Oleh Mykhailiuta, Yevhen Mahda, Solomiia Vitvitska, Andrii Khlyvniuk, Akhtem Seitablaiev, Natalka Karpa, Volodymyr Rashchuk visited the premiere.

I liked the fact that the movie featured a story about the events, actions, characters of the crew members. It's quite a rare event for a military drama. I liked the fact that much attention was paid to the relationship development. I understood that this story of the crew members, their relationships, choices, decisions, the events they became part of and the conclusions they made was a reflection of what was happening in Ukraine.

I lacked a few explanations – why the things happened the way they did. I would like to ask the director where is the verge between the documentary fact and the myth, the legend,” shared his ideas Akhtem Seitablaiev.

Following the end of the movie, the crew expressed its gratitude to the audience, and everyone shared their emotions with the viewers. 

The next destination point of the big movie promo tour will be Poltava, where the crew will present Cherkasy on Wednesday, February 26. Then the filmmakers will head to Cherkasy city, where, with the support of the Cherkasy City Council and the Cherkasy Regional State Administration, they will meet with sailors who were on “Cherkasy” mine sweeper during events of 2014. On March 3, the same epic event will take place in Mariupol, the city where “Korets” tugboat, which became the prototype of the “Cherkasy” mine sweeper, is based. And on the next day, on March 4, the filmmakers will visit Zaporizhia city.

The all-Ukrainian premiere of the movie is scheduled on February 27. 

The film made by MKK Film service (Ukraine) and Inter Media (Poland) was produced with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency, the Ukrainian Naval Forces, the Great Idea crowdfunding platform, the International Renaissance Foundation, Lviv City Council, Lviv regional administration, Cherkasy regional administration.

The movie distribution in the territory of Ukraine is conducted by MMD UA and FILM.UA Distribution. FILM.UA Distribution is also responsible for the international movie distribution. The premiere of Cherkasy festival version took place on July 16, 2019 at the Odesa International Film Festival. The war drama continued its festival history with participation in the main program of 35th Warsaw International Film Festival, one of 15 international Class A film festivals held in October 2019.

The official movie broadcaster is 1+1 media.


For reference

Synopsis: February 2014. Start of the Crimean peninsula occupation. "Cherkasy" mine sweeper, along with other Ukrainian ships, is blocked in Donuzlav Bay – the way to the sea is shut off by the scuttled vessels of the Russian fleet. It's a trap. Our ships start capitulating to the Russians. There seems to be no other way out.

The movie is based on actual events. The story of the last Ukrainian ship in the Crimea, which resisted and continued its brave struggle.

Stage Director: Tymur Yashchenko

Camera operator: Yurii Dunai

Producers: Marta Lotysh, Iryna Klymenko

Scriptwriters: Tymur Yashchenko, Robert Kvilman

Genre: war action drama

Production Designer: Oleksii Velychko

Sound Engineer: Volodymyr Tretiakov, Farid Mbaidin

Composer: Anton Baibakov

Vocal: Katya Chilly Group 432 Hz

Film Editor: Oleksandr Chornyi

Makeup artist: Mariia Pylunska

Costume Designer: Dariia Kochnieva

Co-Director: Daryna Lukashenko

Cast: Roman Semysal, Dmytro Sova, Yevhen Lamakh, Oleh Shcherbyna, Ruslan Koval, Yevhen Avdieienko, Vadym Lialko, Vitalina Bibliv

Made by: ICC Film Service LLC (Ukraine), Inter Media LLC (Poland), with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency