Victoria Yarmoshchuk became the first FILM.UA Group’s СЕО ever!

• 21.02.2020

FILM.UA Group announces that the position of CEO was created in its executive structure.
This stems from the fact, that as the result of the growth, the Group involved in full-cycle content production and distribution structurally became a full-fledged media group with its own media platforms in 2019.

With the express purpose of maintaining a centralized subordination of the Group, to accelerate the growth of the company, to minimize the risks, and to optimize resources, the decision to introduce changes to the executive structure of the media group was made. And the first step in this process is the creation of the position of CEO FILM.UA Group, which was assumed by Victoria Yarmoshchuk.

The strategy of the Group, priority goals and its business structure remain unchanged

Victoria Yarmoshchuk has worked with FILM.UA Group since its inception for over 17 years, she is deeply involved in all of the processes that take place inside the Group.

Victoria has a unique set of competencies and experience. Since 2010, Victoria Yarmoshchuk was leading the biggest Ukrainian consulting company Media Resources Management. In 2016, she became the head of the coalition between the biggest Ukrainian film production companies, Ukrainian Motion Picture Association, which activities is instrumental in advancing the Ukrainian film industry and promoting it abroad; among other, it was responsible for the launch of the сash rebate system for foreign film producers, and also for helping to arrange the treaty between the governments of Ukraine and Canada on audiovisual content coproduction.

In 2019, Victoria Took a position as a curator of the Film direction as a part of the work made by the Office for the Development of Humanitarian Policy. To this day, she holds the position of the Advisor to the Minister of Culture of Ukraine.

In 2011, Victoria had successfully launched KYIV MEDIA WEEK, and while leading it for years, advanced this, by far the biggest Eastern European media industry event that every year take place in Kyiv, to the global level.

In 2016, she received “Teletriumph” Ukrainian national award for her contribution to the promotion of the Ukrainian media industry, in-country and abroad. 

“It's a great honor and responsibility to become the first CEO of FILM.UA Group. And it is not only a professional challenge for me but a personal one as well. The activity of the Group, which I’m a part of for over 17 years, is a great example of how one can and should set ambitious, brave and almost unachievable goals, and then follow them, sequentially, consistently, making the company, the market and the entire world a better place. My goal is to keep the dynamic development of the Group, to lead a unique team of professionals gathered under the aegis of the FILM.UA Group, and to reach all mind-blowing goals that are set in our long-term development strategy. And it’s not only about the business, but about more global issues as well: the world is changing at a rapid pace, the media are changing too, but their oversize role in the social development remains unchanged. It’s important for media to be created by responsible, professional and open to global challenges people and companies. Like the one I’ve been entrusted to lead – FILM.UA Group”, – comments her own appointment Victoria Yarmoshchuk.

“For all the years of its existence and development, FILM.UA Group had many great achievements. We attract dozens of millions of viewers annually, from all around the world; we produce content in a variety of genres for very different markets. We are among the leaders in Eastern Europe, a dynamically developing group of companies, that is active in all segments of media locally and globally. We are a big international player. The change in executive structure is one of the stages in our development. Our Spaceship needs a captain, and Victoria is the foremost person for this job. Her entire career is connected to the media business, she has a squeaky-clean reputation, a wide net of connections, great experience. She is the one who we trust will lead the company to its strategic goals – from the development of effective business processes inside of the company, high content monetization to creating of a developed, effective and sustainable creative industry in our country”, – Sergey Sozanovsky, FILM.UA Group co-founder, comments on Victoria’s appointment

On behalf of the whole FILM.UA Group, we congratulate Victoria and wish her luck and success!