The shooting of the new TV series "Romancing The Detective" has begun

• 14.02.2020

The other day, FILM.UA Group has started filming a new project - the 16-episode detective melodrama "Romancing The Detective" ordered by TRK Ukraina (TV channel).

The first film frames have been shot at the FILM.UA studio.

In recent past, Lada Koshkina (35), the TV series main character, has been a police investigator, then a bodyguard, and now she is a successful private detective.

The TV series contains 8 films of two episodes. Its filming is directed by Alina Chebotareva and Oksana Taranenko.

Each film is a separate detective-family story telling how the main character will help her clients get out of difficult criminal and life circumstances. At the same time, Koshkina has her own private life - eventful and confusing...

The first day, when the plate was broken, Oksana Taranenko, one of the directors, commented on a new project:

"This film is about love ironies. Our main character is a detective, but at the same time, she has to be both a psychologist and a communicator-mediator... She helps people find their true identity and harmony. Lada will investigate cases the people are enmeshed, lost or mistaken in. All this is infused with feelings, emotions, heart, and our heroine will help her clients deal with difficulties and delicate situations. Moreover, her personal life is not easy at all, just as ours, and she is trying to get it under control..."

It's worth adding that the TV series will be shot in Kyiv city and region, and will last until mid-May. The 16-episode melodrama "Romancing The Detective" will have its premiere on TRK Ukraina (TV channel).

Cast: Evgenia Serebrennikova, Pyotr Nesterov, Prokhor Dubravin, Sergey Korshikov, Slava Krasovskaya, Vladimir Kovbel, Alexander Mironov and others.

Directors: Alina Chebotareva, Oksana Taranenko

Directors of photography: Konstantin Vorobyov, Maxim Bayev

Producers: Victor Mirsky, Yuriy Morozov, Elena Malkova, Anna Skok

About the project

In the recent past, Lada Koshkina (35), the TV series main character, has been a police investigator. Then she has been a bodyguard, a successful private detective, and finally the owner of a detective agency.

In each film, our heroine investigates a new family affair. Here are cases of adultery, uneasy relationship with children (adult and minor), family disputes over inheritance, etc. Often Lada has to be not only an investigator and a judge but also a peacemaker who resolves conflicts, a comforter and a friend.

Despite all of this, own private life of Lada Koshkina with its melodramatic stuff develops with each episode...