FILM.UA projects at the main festival of Northern European countries

• 04.02.2020

We have news for Ukrainian drama aficionados! Last week in Goteborg, Sweden at Göteborg Film Festival FILM.UA presented two series projects, HIDE AND SEEK and Alive.

Göteborg Film Festival is the principal festival of Scandinavian countries and the main communication platform for the region’s film and TV industry. For several years the festival has been hosting a two-day conference TV Drama Visio where apart from Scandinavian new releases several international projects are presented if they are expected to influence global TV show industry that year. It is an honor to make it to the list.

Presentation of Ukrainian series became a separate section of the conference. Producers Olesya Lukyanenko and Kateryna Vyshnevska told the story of creating the first Ukrainian noir detective HIDE AND SEEK, and we are proud that the project managed to impress Nordic counterparts who are the true experts of this genre.

And there is no exaggeration here: HIDE AND SEEK was even selected to a special screening program, a binge watching session (if you are a Netflix fan, you are familiar with the term). Naturally, to make it to this program the series has to be truly captivating (like, for example, Babylon – Berlin, a German project screened in this program in 2018).

At the festival our colleagues also told about our new project, Alive sci-fi series (project producers are Olena Malkova and Kateryna Vyshnevska) based on books by Varvara Yenal, a Ukrainian writer. The events take place in the future, on a huge space station where children and adults live on different levels, and children are brought up by AI. For now the project is still in development but it has already spurred great interest at the international market. If you don’t believe us, just read what our counterparts have to say about it.

So the time of premium TV shows in Ukraine has come!

We congratulate our colleagues and wish them further success!