Lithuanian ‘Crazy Wedding’: the First-ever Foreign Adaptation of Ukrainian Film Releases!

• 21.01.2020

The biggest comedy of 2018, ‘Crazy Wedding’, had become the first Ukrainian cinema format that got adapted for a foreign country. The premiere of the film ‘Importinis jaunikis’ (Imported Husband-to-be) will take place on January 31st. 

At the beginning of 2019, FILM.UA Distribution had signed a deal with ACME Film — the biggest distribution company in the Baltic States. It is responsible for producing the most popular Lithuanian films. This company had purchased the rights to produce the locally adapted version of the ‘Crazy Wedding’ with an option to create Latvian and Estonian versions of the film. ‘Crazy Wedding’ is the first case for the export of an original film format created in Ukraine.

And now the Lithuanian version enters the box-office! We congratulate everyone involved. The trailer of this film is available through this link. Looks unusual yet familiar, isn’t it?

The lead male part was performed by Felipe Gabriel Dos Santos Xavier — a famous Brazilian football player, multi-artist, model and YouTuber, that lives in Latvia. Felipe was discovered through his blog, where he tells about his experience learning the Latvian language. And thanks to starting in ‘Importinis Jaunikis’, now he speaks Lithuanian too.

It’s curious that other national accents of the plot had shifted as well, for instance, Armenian character Ashot, so cherished by the Ukrainian audience, was switched out for a Turkish national.

“It was more than easy to adapt the script to the local market of Lithuania, — a producer of the film Zilvinas Naujokas shares. — Not only because we share many similarities in our cultures being Eastern Europeans, yet we also have similar traditions and traditional thinking. For instance always want to best our neighbors and to show off our assets or success, even if it doesn't make us any happier. This thinking leads to many comical situations. This story is definitely universal and any country could relate to — after all “the neighbor’s grass is always greener”. We were certain from the beginning that ‘Crazy Wedding’ will make a wonderful adaptation.” 

“To create a film following the format is an interesting task. We are happy for our foreign colleges, and wish them a successful premiere, a crazy big box-office and of course a sequel for the film!” — comments Iryna Kostyuk, a producer of ‘Crazy Wedding’ film.

The sequel ‘Crazy Wedding 2’premiered on December 25th. In three weeks it already had gathered 40 million UAH and over 430 thousand viewers in cinema.

The first installment was widely released in Ukraine on October 4th and, as of 2018, has set two national records: box-office among all Ukrainian films and amount of viewers coming to see a film produced in Ukraine. The film’s box-office amounted to almost 55 million UAH; it was viewed in the cinemas by over 657 thousand people. Besides, the comedy broke the record of the previous decade and became the most popular film on television since 2009 by all main audiences. On January 1st, Crazy Wedding was watched on 1+1 TV channel by 4,279,876 viewers.

Look out for ‘Crazy Wedding 2’ in all cinema of Ukraine! The trailer for the film is available through this link.

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Crazy Wedding 2’

Country: Ukraine

Studio: FILM.UA GROUP, Prototype Production

Type: theatrical film

Year of release: 2019

Timing: 90 mins

Genre: comedy

Director: Vlad Dykyi

Producer: Yuriy Gorbunov, Iryna Kostyuk, Nadia Korotushka, MOZGI Entertainment (Iryna Gorova, Oleksiy Potapenko)

Music producers: Oleksiy Potapenko, Oleksiy Zavgorodniy

Screenwriters: Mykola Kutsyk, Oleksiy Prykhodko

Cast: Nazar Zadniprovsky, Polina Vasylyna, Jimmy Voha-Voha, Yuriy Gorbunov, Lesya Samayeva, Oleksandr Kobzar, Vira Kobzar, Inna Prykhodko, Aram Arumanyan, Potap, MONATIK, Oleksiy Suprun (Petro Bumper), Oleksiy Zavgorodniy (Pozitiv), Yuriy Gorbunov, and others.

Ukrainian premiere: December 25, 2019

Slogan: What? Again?!

Synopsis: The events of the new film unfold in a year after Crazy Wedding. ONE MORE surprise, ONE MORE daughter and ONE MORE #CrazyWedding for your favorite characters. A chase, a new son-in-law, Nazariy Zapukhlyak, father Yevlampiy, monks, celeb cast, tons of crazy adventures and even more great Ukrainian humor!