“Nothing Happens Twice” premiere: Oksana Bairak's movie novel ranked first line in Top 100 most popular programs of November 2019

• 02.12.2019

On November 18, 2019, the premiere of 16-series saga “Nothing Happens Twice” (the project of FILM.UA.Group and Oksana Bairak Studio) was launched on Channel One. The project has shown unprecedented high results across all audiences!

Oksana Bairak's movie ranked the FIRST in TOP 100 most popular programs for audience 4+ as of November 18, 2019.

The project became the best TV movie of the month, surpassing other series in the prime slot! Thus, the multi-series detective project “Secrets of Investigation”, which was the top of the slot, significantly conceded to the movie “Nothing Happens Twice” by scores.

The average rating and view share in Moscow were the following: for audience 18+ 4.1% and 13.2%, for audience 4+ – 3.7% of rating and 12.9% of share.

Across the Russian Federation the figures were the following: for audience 18+: 5.7% of rating, 18.9% of share, for 4+ audience: 5.0% of rating, 18.4% of share.

Therefore, Bairak's movie became the leader for audiences 4+ and 18+.

It should be recalled that the story happens in the early 90s in the military border town, where the newlyweds Dmytro and Katia Bogdanov come to live. The young wife Katia falls in love with the morale officer, Ogniev. The town peaceful life ends with a drama: several main characters die following the explosion of the house.

20 years later. Main characters grew up... Each of them has to go their own way, find out the truth about themselves and their family to live and love further...

We will add that now Oksana Bairak has finished shooting the second season of the project. It will be premiered on STB this spring.

Our congratulations on the success and excellent ratings to everyone involved in work on “Nothing Happens Twice” movie.