“I’m not afraid, now I’m free.” Tina Karol and Yulia Sanina (THE HARDKISS) recorded a joint track and released a music video to Maid-in-Law

• 12.12.2019

 An incredible collaboration of two powerful Ukrainian vocalists impresses from the very first notes. The song has become an official soundtrack to ­Maid-in-Law romantic fantasy feature the premiere of which is planned for January 16, 2020.

This is a piece of contemporary and very cool Ukrainian music you want to listen to. It is about the choice, challenge and path of each woman because we are all born free but the society gradually strips us of this privilege. The track is relevant and close to the topics we are not too vocal about today. So this song is a sort of female manifesto, a woman’s mantra about the power of our sisterhood. And it was important to perform it in a duo with another singe – strong, talented and with an amazing voice. Vil’na (Free) will surely grab the audience’s attention, this song is a bomb,” said Tina Karol sharing her impressions.

For a year Tina and I were dreaming of making a joint track; we looked at lots of songs but haven’t found a single one to work both for her and me. It’s interesting that Vil’na is nothing like THE HARDKISS songs and nothing like Tina’s. This is something completely different where we could unite. And I like the fact that it’s not just a single but a part of a large project. That a film will be released and the audience will have an additional background to strengthen the song, and the song will open up the movie in a new way as well. And you know, I really appreciate it when after a concert people come up to me and say that our songs helped them to survive some challenging moments in life. I believe that Vil’na will become such a song for many. Because it is an anthem of a contemporary strong woman,” stressed Yulia Sanina, leader of THE HARDKISS band.

The cameraman for music video to Vil’na was Yuriy Korol who worked as a DOP for The Rising Hawk, The Stronghold, Battle for Sevastopol, Pulse, and others. The music video and Maid-in-Law director is Khrystyna Syvolap.

Khrystyna was responsible for the visuals which is logical as the shots from the film are interspersed with the shots from performance by Tina Karol and Yulia Sanina, and it had to be done as harmoniously as possible. As for selecting the performers, we wanted Tina to be one of them from the very beginning. Her vocals are incredible, and her creative works are mostly lyrical and romantic so Tina could convey the necessary dramatic note in the best way possible. But when she proposed a duo with Yulia we agreed immediately. Yulia’s image is very different from Tina’s; she also has a lot of charisma and inner strength. And their unusual collaboration can ideally underline the controversial relationship of the film’s protagonists,” said Nadia Zayonchkovska, film producer.

Opposing music styles, stage looks and even characters of Vil’na performers are echoed in the looks of Maid-in-Law protagonists, Stefa the maid and her mistress Adelya. The destinies of two women have intertwined like tree trunks – in an unbreakable bond which doesn’t allow to live or breathe, to stay or leave. Who are they to each other – sisters, friends, rivals or a mistress and a servant? The viewers will have to answer that question starting from January 16, 2020 when the film is widely released in Ukraine.

The feature was made by FILM.UA Production, with the support of Ukrainian Government and Ministry of Culture. The national distributor is Volha Ukraine. The filming was completed in June and now the movie is ready.

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Synopsis: The story starts in Stanislaviv (currently Ivano-Frankivsk) in the second half of the 19th century. Doctor Anger loses his wife in the fire but manages to rescue two girls: his own daughter Adelya and the daughter of housekeepers Stefania. In a moment of despair, the doctor decides to bring them up together.

25 years pass. The girls have grown up and are still inseparable though Adelya is now married. As for Stefa, she tends to the house and drowns her passion in cooking. But they still don’t understand who they are to each other: sisters and friends or a maid and a mistress. In the kaleidoscope of love and jealousy, double-entendres and secrets the boundary between reality and fiction disappears altogether. Elegant outfits, sophisticated dishes and endless promenades… What will happen when the illusion will start dispelling and reality will come into the foreground instead?

Project producer: Nadia Zayonchkovska

Screenwriters: Alina Semeryakova in collaboration with Sofia Andrukhovych

Director: Khrystyna Syvolap

DOP: Oleksiy Lamakh

Art director: Oleksandr Batenev

Costume designer: Lesya Patoka

Makeup artist: Maria Kolomiyets

Casting director: Alla Samoylenko

Cast: Marianna Januszewicz, Alesya Romanova, Roman Lutsky, Oleksandr Kobzar, Sergiy Volosovets, Ada Rogovtseva, Kateryna Kukhar, Yevhen Yanovych, Natalya Vasko, Irma Vitovska, Vazha Goderdzishvili, Sebastian Cybulsky, Yasin Faradzhallakh, Maryna Koshkina.

Produced by: FILM.UA Production with the support of Ukrainian Government and Ministry of Culture


Distributor: Volha Ukraine

Premiere: January 16, 2020