Postmodern Digital took part in testing and presentation of Acer ConceptD range!

• 09.12.2019

Acer presented a complete range of ConceptD products in Kyiv in cooperation with representatives of the creative professions who shared their user experience in relation to to each of these gadgets. Komashnya clothing designers and architects from MARRA Group also took part in the event.

 Postmodern Digital team (FILM.UA Group) had the opportunity to operate the high-performance ConceptD 500 desktop PC as well as ConceptD CP7271KP monitor.

“Products of ConceptD range are already being used by world-class companies operating in the field of film and architecture visual effects production and processing, therefore, we were especially interested in finding a similar leading company in Ukraine that could comprehensively test and evaluate all the benefits of our products, to put our products through a truly tedious test and to make use of all the in-built capacities. We chose Postmodern Digital (FILM.UA Group) following these criteria,” commented Serhii Shulha, Acer Marketing Manager in Eastern Europe.

Mykyta Berezin, 3D modeling artist, Postmodern Digital, told about his impression of operating the monitor and PC of the ConceptD range: “The ConceptD 500 desktop is extremely quiet. Even at full load on the render, its noise level is much lower than that of our standard workstation. As for the cooling system, the device has performed well, which is is a very important indicator for us, as we often need 8-12 hours of rendering time. The existing ConceptD 500 assembly suits well for modeling and matt paint departments.

The monitor was tested by our compositing artists. They work with CG material and photoreal, therefore, they need proper presentation of the image on the screen. The cool and important part is that CP7271KP screen is calibrated for DCI-P3 color space and is compatible with 4K. This is useful when working not only with compositing but also with matt paint.

I believe that professionals working with color correction should also pay their attention to it,” summed up Olena Mas, VFX-producer, Postmodern Digital.

Postmodern Digital team is pleased with their user experience related to ConceptD product range and is also pleased to be one of the first in Ukraine to conduct its testing!