Women safeguarding justice. Shooting of “Brave Ones” series has started

• 03.12.2019

Shooting of the new 40-series detective drama “Brave Ones”, a joint project of FILM.UA.Group and Ukraina TV channel, started in Kyiv

The series is about the work of a special police unit dealing with issues of domestic violence. Four main female characters help women, children, and even men who suffer from tyranny, beatings, humiliation, or other means of oppression from their family members.

The series characters get into difficult and dangerous situations over and over, save lives and restore justice. Each of these four women has also overcame violence: each of the characters has her personal story, a skeleton in her closet, and a strong motivation to be engaged in this particular activity.

Oksana Tunyk, Producer, Ukraina TV channel Ukraine, tells about the social component of the new series:

“We intend to make this series not only an exciting and quality detective, but also a socially useful project. As domestic violence, unfortunately, is still a huge problem in our society and a very taboo subject. It is because of this shame that most victims continue to live in hell. We will learn not to be ashamed and to fight for ourselves and our freedom. In each episode, we will present useful information or behavior model that will help to understand how to stop playing role of a victim. We will also give a real hotline number to counter domestic violence, where people will be able to receive not only psychological support but also a specific action plan to help saving themselves.”

Yuliia Mishchenko, creative producer, FILM.UA studio, commented on the start of work on the series:

“A strong team of professionals is involved in the project. The territory of the series is very important to us all, and we hope that we will be able to make a decent product.”

Famous Ukrainian actors have starred – Artem Pozniak, Oleksandra Polhui, Iryna Lanovenko, Oleksandra Liuta, Dariia Petrozhytska, Oleksandra Honcharova, Oleksandr Norchuk, Vsevolod Shekita, Vitalii Derevianchuk and others.

Shooting will last for six months. We wish our creative team easy and exciting changes!

Follow the news – we will share all the most interesting things happenning on the filming location.

Directors: Maksym Hulenko, Vira Yakovenko

Photography director: Volodymyr Ostapets

Producers: Olena Kanishevska, Oksana Tunyk, Iryna Kostiuk, Yuliia Mishchenko, Artem Stetsenko

Authors: Olena Tereshkova, Mark Shparber, Olha Artiukh, Serhii and Natalia Shevchenko, Tetiana Yereskina, Oksana Savchenko, Inha Balytska, Lana Ivanytsia, Iryna Feofanova and others

Casting: Iryna Kolesnyk and Oleksandr Zvieriev

Production designer: Nataliia Bartash

Costume designer: Oksana Tymonina

Makeup: Viktoriia Cherepeinyk

Production Director: Tina Martyniuk