ZARINA released a collection of unique jewelry for Maid-in-Law premiere

• 26.11.2019

Inspired by grand looks of Maid-in-Lawromantic fantasy feature protagonists, ZARINA jewelry brand designers made an elegant collection in Belle Époque style with baroque pearls which impeccably emphasize and match the aesthetics of the film, allowing to feel like the female lead of this fantastically beautiful story. The collection release is dedicated to the wide release of Maid-in-Law on January 16, 2020.

All jewelry pieces in the collection received their names in honor of Maid-in-Lawcharacters and authors, absorbing their character traits. In particular, the main design element for Stefa earrings is authentic, a bit crude baroque pearls – just as special as the unique and lively nature of the film’s protagonist.

Baroque pearls are extraordinary works of nature. They mesmerize with their authenticity and uniqueness. In their shapes everyone sees what they wish for: something far from ideal or rare beauty. Please note that such pearl can be the only one like that in the whole world so you can find something close to you, uniquely emphasizing your character and its special features. That is why baroque pearls became the basis of our joint jewelry collection,” said Nadia Zayonchkovska, film producer.

The basis for Maid-in-Lawcapsule collection is the line of three combs and a pendant developed by ZARINA specially for filming. These exquisite objects have marvelously complemented the decorative world of the film and the Golden Age of Austro-Hungarian empire on the brink between the 19th and 20th centuries portrayed in it.

Love for beauty brings people together. Inspired by the beauty of the age and story from the pages of Felix Austria novel, the basis of Maid-in-Law movie, ZARINA jewelers made adornments for the film characters. This creative challenge led to the emergence of a full capsule collection presented in the range of ZARINA Jewelry House,” said Zarina Netovkina, brand ambassador.

It is worth noting that combining a media product with a jewelry brand is a rather widespread practice in global film industry (James Bond franchise and Swarovski; Tiffany jewelry for TheGreatGatsby, etc.). However, the experience of ZARINA and Maid-in-Law project became the first case of such collaboration on the Ukrainian film market.

The collection includes various pieces of jewelry: several types of earrings, a ring, a choker, a pendant, a carcanet, a bracelet, and several necklaces. You can see their detailed description on ZARINA website if you follow this link.

The premiere of Maid-in-Lawromantic fantasy feature will take place soon, on January 16, 2020. Volha Ukraine is responsible for national distribution.

Maid-in-Lawfeature was made by FILM.UA Production and supported by Ukrainian Government and Ministry of Culture. The filming was completed in June, and the movie is presently in final stages of post-production.

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