Premiere of a video for the song to the Mr. Jones film by Jamala

• 21.11.2019

On November 21, the video for Jamala's song The Price of Truth was presented. It became the official soundtrack of the Mr. Jones movie and will be heard in the final credits. Historical thriller will be released on the big screens on November 28.

Music was written by Jamala, lyrics - by Jamala together with Victoria Platova. 

A music video was directed by Katya Tsarik, known for her works for such singers as Natalka Mogilevska, the bands Skryabin and SKAI, Vira Brezhneva and others, as well as the production director of the Golden Firebird Music Awards 2019, and was shot by the operator Yuriy Korol, who worked as the production operator on the full-length movies The Rising Hawk, The Stronghold, Battle for Sevastopol and others.

Musicians of the Kiev Virtuosi orchestra participated in the shooting. Film frames from Mr. Jones movie were used for the music video.

"I was impressed by the story that became the basis for the movie. The events of the film took place during one of the most tragic periods that had been dissembled for decades. At the core of the story, there is an ordinary journalist who shows real heroism to convey information about the Holodomor to the world public. As we know, people, who are not afraid and fight for truth, pay a high price for it. This idea is close to me, it is broadly related to my oeuvre," commented a singer Jamala.

We remind you that the film will be presented to the Ukrainian viewers and media representatives personally by director Agnieszka Holland. On November 27, a press conference and pre-premiere screening will be held. For accreditation, please follow the link. On November 28, Agnieszka will be a special guest at the New British Film Festival, where Mr. Jones opening movie will be shown in the original language.


About the project




1933. Gareth Jones (James Norton) is an ambitious young Welsh journalist who gained fame after his report on being the first foreign journalist to fly with Hitler. Whilst working as an advisor to Lloyd George, he is now looking for his next big story. The Soviet “utopia” is all over the news, and Jones is intrigued as to how Stalin is financing the rapid modernization of the Soviet Union.

On leaving his government role, Jones decides to travel to Moscow in an attempt to get an interview with Stalin himself. There he meets Ada Brooks (Vanessa Kirby), a British journalist working in Moscow, who reveals that the truth behind the regime is being violently repressed. Hearing murmurs of government-induced famine, a secret carefully guarded by the Soviet censors, Jones manages to elude the authorities and travels clandestinely to Ukraine, where he witnesses the atrocities of man-made starvation – millions left to starve – as all grain is sold abroad to finance the industrializing Soviet empire.

Deported back to London, Jones publishes an article revealing the horrors he witnessed. But the starvation is denied by Western journalists reporting from Moscow, all under pressure from the Kremlin, including Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Walter Duranty (Peter Sarsgaard). As death threats mount, Jones has to fight for the truth. Meeting a young author by the name of George Orwell, Jones shares his findings… helping inspire the great allegorical novel Animal Farm.

Director: Agnieszka Holland

Scriptwriter: Andrea Chalupa

Producer: Klaudia Smieja, Stanislaw Dziedzic, Egor Olesov, Angus Lamont, Andrea Chalupa

Director of photography: Tomasz Naumiuk

Cast: James Norton, Vanessa Kirby, Peter Sarsgaard, Joseph Mawle, Kenneth Cranham, Yakiv Tkachenko, Oleg Drach, Volodymyr Fedoruk, Anna Shaydyuk, Anastasia Chala, Alina Kovalska, and others

Coming to theaters in Ukraine and worldwide this fall, 2019. 

MMD UA and FILM.UA Distribution are distributors in Ukraine.

‘Mr. Jones’ is a co-production of Poland (Film Produkcja with the support of Polish Film Institute), Ukraine (Kinorob with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency) and the United Kingdom (Jones Boy Film). Filming took place in Ukraine, Poland, and Scotland.

The film’s marketing campaign in Ukraine based on a large-scale social and educational project of FILM.UA Group with the support of ‘Ukraina’ TV channel, general media partner. The campaign’s purpose is to popularize Gareth Jones’ personality in Ukraine and the world and to preserve the memory of 1932-1933 Holodomor in Ukraine.