Watch the official trailer for "The new one "

• 05.11.2019

On November 4, the Network released the official trailer for "The new one " a 20-episode melodrama having its premiere on Novyi Kanal on November 26. 

The first episode introduces Vira, the main character, to the audience. The story is told by her. She reveals her secret – the reason behind her entering a new school... The audience will also see Roman, a class leader, his friends Dan and Sviat, his girlfriend Anna Maria and other main characters...

First of all "The new one " is a story of adulting, friendship and first love. The detective story revolves around the issue of selling drugs in a private school. Dramatic music comes as a bonus, as the main characters write songs and dream of a big stage.

The series will feature two tracks from the new album "Octopus" by MELOVIN, a singer-songwriter. Ukrainian lyrics have been specially created for the series "Mama, I'm on Hype" and "Sails", performed by the author and actress Anastasiya Nesterenko (starred as Vira).

An original format, an intense plot with unexpected twists, stormy emotions, young talented actors, music hits - all the core components are mixed up in the project. Watch the "The new one " project from FILM.UA studio and Novyi Kanal starting from November 26, 10.00 p. m.

The series is filmed by:

Directors: Maksym Gulenko, Victor Sukhobrus, Pavel Mashchenko

Photography director: Volodymyr Ostapets

Producer: Anna Eliseeva

Showrunner: Yulia Mishchenko

Executive producer: Sergiy Demydov

Line producer: Elena Makhaniok

Hand artist: Natalia Bartash

Costume designer: Oksana Tymonina

Makeup artist: Kateryna Dal

Novyi Kanal producers: Sasha Tkachenko, Olexiy Gladushevsky

Casting: Iryna Kolesnyk, Oleksandr Zvieriev

Starring: Anastasiya Nesterenko, Yegor Kozlov, Yevgeniy Lisnychyi, Yaroslav Shakhtorin, Kateryna Dychka, Iryna Makarova, Anna Tykhomirova, Angelina Trandafilova, Andriy Dziubenko, Ganna Strukulenko, Oleksandra Liuta, Oleksandr Norchuk, Yaroslav Shynder, Olga Nezhenets, Ivan Zhyliuk, Zakhar Shchedrin, Tetiana Ostretsova and others.