Bardzo dobre wieści!

• 01.10.2019

Recently, analysts from Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej (Polish Film Institute) have released the top 20 European-made films with the highest grossing fees in 2018 Polish box office. The animated feature "The Stolen Princess" became the 4th in this rating! The Ukrainian movie has yielded to such animated feature films as "Three Billboards Beyond Ebbing, Missouri," "Paddington 2" and "Bee Maya: A Cup of Honey" by the box office size.

Just a reminder: rights to screen the first feature film of Animagrad studio were purchased for more than 50 countries, including India, Spain, Latin America, and also "The Stolen Princess" became the first Ukrainian film in China.

New records and new stories to come! Congratulations to the creators of the project!