Now it's official! Olya Polyakova and Dzidzio casting in a new comedy ‘Zirky Za Obminom’

• 23.09.2019

KINOROB (FILM.UA Group) together with Secret Service Entertainment Agency begins the work on ‘Zirky Za Obminom’, a new family comedy film about body exchange.

Principled competitors on stage, show-biz stars Polya Molyakova and Khoma Mykhailovskyi, switch bodies with each other in a mysterious way. They try desperately to get their lives back, but to achieve this goal each of them has to fix family and romantic issues of a counterpart.

Two Ukrainian stars of show business, singer Olya Polyakova and popular artist Dzidzio, will perform two main roles in the film. This project will not be a film debut for them, as we have already seen these celebrities on the big screen, apart, and notably together in a comedy ‘Swingers 2’.

All participants of this new collaboration have respectable experience in the creation of comedies. ‘Crazy Wedding’ (FILM.UA) had set a bunch of records and led the top of most popular Ukrainian films last year. Comedies ‘DZIDZIO Contrabass’, ’DZIDZIO First Time ’, and both installments of ‘Swingers’ also had enjoyed great popularity with the audience. Thus, the joint project can repeat or improve the results.

Quality Ukrainian comedies captivate a bigger audience and become more popular day by day, – producer Egor Olesov observes. – And the family comedy is an especially interesting and demanded genre. To create ‘Zirky Za Obminom’ we have united our efforts with leading professionals of show business, and hope that this cooperation and our common insight will bring marvelous results. Despite our colorful entertaining format, we strive to tell the story about true values relations and emotions that is close to every heart.”

Comedy ‘Zirky Za Obminom’ will not only entertain the audience but will also make them reflect on eternal and true values of life.

Producer Mykhailo Yasinskiy comments: “Our story tells that the most important and meaningful things in life are always close. You just need to detach from ambitions and obsessions to notice them. We want to show that you shouldn’t run away from problems or turn a blind eye to them. A true secret to happiness is in paying attention to people that are closest to you, to people that love you.”


Working on the project:

Director: Oleksiy Daruga

Scriptwriters: Serhiy Kastornykh, Artur Petrov

Director of photography: Yury Korol

Producers: Mykhailo Yasinskiy, Egor Olesov, Natalia Yukhno, Olya Polyakova

Production: KINOROB, Secret Service Entertainment Agency



KINOROB is a production company based in Ukraine, which produces feature films for a wide audience. The main activities of the company are the development and production of high-quality genre films for a mass audience with high commercial potential both in Ukraine and abroad. The company is widely known by ‘Battle for Sevastopol’ war drama, ‘The Stronghold’ adventure fantasy film, and ‘The Rising Hawk’ historical action film.

Secret Service Entertainment Agency was founded in 2007 in Kyiv. In this period, our team provided a lot of media and creative projects: from producing and presenting music products to concert management, touring and artist promotional campaigns. Our clients are Ukrainian top artists and acts, famous media personalities, producers, film and concert agencies, sports institutions.

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