Great results for FILM.UA autumn TV premieres!

• 13.09.2019

Last week, two TV series produced by FILM.UA premiered on Ukrainian TV with great success.

Monday, September 2nd STB TV channel started showing the second season of ‘Love in Chains’ costume drama produced by FILM.UA in cooperation with Starlight Films. Series had become a leader in the slot for audiences 18-54 (50+) and 18-54 (whole Ukraine). On average, it was watched by 1 million 470 thousand viewers, and a share of individual episodes reached 20% in a commercial audience 18-54 (50+).

The share of ‘Love in Chains’ is significantly higher than the channel's average. The project took first place at the top of the programs for audiences 18-54 (50+).

Average ratings and a viewership shares comprised: 18-54 (50+) – 4,69% and 16,6%, 18+ (50+) – 5,12% and 14,7%, 18-54 (Ukr) – 4,55% and 15,0%, 18+ (Ukr) – 4,95% and 13,8%.

Series broadcasts daily from Monday to Thursday, two episodes a day in an evening prime time at 21:00.

The same day ‘Ukraine’ TV channel started showing an adventure melodrama series ‘The Post’, created in the co-production of the channel and FILM.UA. It shows good results too.

Series had become a leader of the slot for audiences 18+ (50+) and 18+ (Ukr). In average, ‘The Post’ was watched by 840 thousand people. Average ratings and viewership share amounted to: 18-54 (50+) – 1,56% and 10,1%, 18+ (50+) – 3,57% and 15,5%, 18-54 (Ukr) – 1,54% and 10,0%, 18+ (Ukr) – 2,89% and 13,9%.

This melodrama airs on weekdays at 18:00.

We congratulate everyone who has been working on these projects for such spectacular results! We are certain that new records lie ahead!