FILM.UA Group family of locations is growing!

• 12.09.2019

The backlot of FILM.UA movie studio that is named Filmvillage has recently acquired a new location – Zakhar Berkut's (The Rising Hawk) house!

FILM.UA capacities and capabilities keep on constantly growing and arise a new number of locations. Recently, the exterior backlot of the movie studio has been enlarged with a new scenery set –Zakhar Berkut's house! Be ready to get fully immersed into the world of the Carpathian romance, because now, having passed through the ravine and visited Tugar Volk (Tugar the Wolf) settlement, you could even have a look around Zakhar Berkut's house!


The construction lasted for one month according to lay-outs of the movie art directors. The house is thoroughly decorated in detail and fascinates with its authenticity, embracing to plunge totally into the epoch.


Hurry up with the booking of the location, thus autumn is a picture-perfect season to lower a mug of honey-beer and perform a few heroic deeds.

To rent the location, please contact us: tel. +38 044 501 39 30; email Instagram @filmua_rekvizyt.