FILM.UA Group at the Ukrainian Fashion Week: The secrets of the collaboration between the art of filmmaking and fashion within Fashion Film Festival Kyiv Space

• 10.09.2019

During the Ukrainian Fashion Week at Mystetskyi Arsenal on 2 September a presentation of Fashion Film Festival Kyiv Space unique art-installation was held.

The new step of the collaboration allowed, for the first time ever, to present the outcomes of professional collaboration of the Ukrainian designers with the film industry in one integrated creative space. The collection includes the unique costumes of FILM.UA movies that are not released yet: Mavka. The Forest Song animated feature film, The Rising Hawk historical action, Maid-in-Law love story. The art installation was supplemented by the costumes of Love in Chains series, fashion-movies by designers, mood-boards of the character's style, mood-teaser, trailers, and the backstage-video of the movies, the premieres of which will take place 2019-2021 in Ukraine.

Iryna Kostyuk, FILM.UA Group producer; Olga Navrotkaya, (NAVRO) designer, director and costume designer for Mavka. Forest Song and Potion ethnic-thriller; Lesia Patoka, costume designer for Maid-in-Law, and also Antonina Belinskaya, costume designer for The Rising Hawk and Love in Chains have participated at FFFK Space presentation. They shared with the first-hand working experience for intercrossing of creative industries, gave examples of the creative collaborations and revealed the secrets of professional excellence.

The significance and relevance of the event were emphasized by Polina Tolmachiova, FILM.UA Group Marketing Director,

"This is the first time ever when the Ukrainian movies costumes are presented at such a reputable event in the world of fashion. This is one of our steps for the implementation of unifying the creative industries of Ukraine to create really outstanding cultural projects. I would like to point out that this exhibition is not solely about fancy historical costumes or gorgeous dressing gowns of the Ukrainian, European, American movie stars. This exhibition is a sign that we are united by ideas, senses, and stories, this is a symbol of creativity and common desire for a better and brighter future."


The examples of collaborative projects were given by Irina Kostyuk, FILM.UA Group producer,

"The prime example of mutual engagement of such Ukrainian industries as fashion and filmmaking is our collaboration with Olga Navrotskaya. She is the costume designer for Mavka project, this is a non-standard practice for animation. On FFFK Space we have showed the main dress of MAVKA capsule collection, which is also presented in Olga's Inseparable fashion-movie. This movie worked as the basis for a mood-teaser for our new Potion project. I suppose this is the perfect model of the correlation between fashion and filmmaking industries."


Generally, FFFK Space art-installation within the Ukrainian Fashion Week has demonstrated what prospects come up for designers and artists, when two forms of art start to interact, influence each other, and enrich with new images and ideas.