Movies and books: the story about FILM.UA participation in Kurazh Bazar

• 09.09.2019

On this weekend: 7, 8 September FILM.UA Studio took part at this year last Literary Kurazh Bazar by presenting the updated editions of filmed books and projects promotional merchandise.


Traditionally, two-day event Kurazh Bazar has gathered a large number of friends at VDNF (National Economy Achievement Exhibition) location. Guests were free to visit talks and autograph signing sessions, poetry prose reading, to attend concerts and, of course, long-awaited and highly-demanded flea-market.  


Meanwhile, people at FILM.UA zone also got hustled on. The endless stream of visitors was choosing between Maid-in-Law, Mavka or Love in Chains editions, MRM educational literature on movie production, Glowberry children's books and various promotional merchandise of The Rising Hawk and other projects of the studio. 


During the event, Irena Karpa, Garik Korogodsky, Jamala, were noticed while performing and walking around, and even Sophia Andrukhovych, who held autograph signing sessions in FILM.UA zone. This is a special surprise that the studio has set up for the guests of the event upon Maid-in-Law movie realize occasion on 16 January 2020. Anyone willing could buy Felix Austria book by Sofia Andrukhovych, that was made into the movie, get the autograph and take a photo with the author as well. 


If you had no time to get Sofia's autograph, don't be upset! Check the photos of you on our Facebook or Instagram pages.