The second season of ‘Love in Chains’ series is over in Poland. What’s next?

• 02.09.2019

On August 30th Polish television finished broadcasting of the last 48th episode of the costume drama. “Series ‘Love in Chains’ is over. How can we live without it?” — newspaper Dziennik Zachodni asks.

“Tender blonde beauty from the series ‘Love in Chains’ had lived through all the possible drama… and now she vanishes from our TV screens. She leaves millions of Polish viewers in a state of grief,” — writes Gazeta Wyborcza, one of the major Polish newspapers.

Polish media continue to analyze sensational success of the series:

Female protagonist, despite her fragile look, has a strong moral character. She always stays true to her convictions and values, even in the way of imminent physical danger. Kateryna's adventures are unexpectedly dynamic, complex and thrilling. Viewer spectates a battle of Good and Evil, that is present in the series from the first episode,” — Dziennik Zachodni cites Katarzyna Brzoza, Ph.D. from the Institute for Political Sciences and Journalism at Silesian University.

Observing success of ‘Love in Chaises’ series, Polish media presume that other Ukrainian series will soon follow it to the Polish market, as their quality and popularity became somewhat of a shock.

Ukrainian TV and media consumers are much more demanding than the Polish ones. Because of it ‘Love in Chains’ is produced up to a high standard. The same happens when media or business creates pages on Instagram or Facebook, excuse me, but compared to Ukrainian market it looks amateurish,” — Polish Journalist Olena Babakova said on a TOK FM radio broadcast.

Who knows, maybe ‘Love in Chains’ is a first sign that media product from across an eastern border will return to our television. It happened with Turkish ‘The Magnificent Century’, when many other series from this county followed it… The quality of films and series that are created now in the east are not much different from western ones, but they reach us rarely. It’s a shame that cultural exchange in this regard is mixed up with politics,” — Dziennik Zachodni notes.

At the same time, the Polish audience shapely emotes on social media after the final episode.  “How much tragedy can one create for a single character in the series…” — laments XXX.  

Anna agrees by saying — “Why would you end it like this, my heart hurts. I think that shooting a sequel is pointless now. It saddens me greatly”.

I couldn’t get a good night sleep. I haven’t seen a finale like this in my life,” — Marta Hirsch complains.

Meanwhile, a rumor about preparations for shooting of a third season in Ukrainian-Polish co-production circulates through Polish media:

TVP management already negotiates with Ukrainian production of the series a co-production on new episodes of ‘Love in Chains’. Thus, it is possible for Kitty to appear in Warsaw and Krakow. These cities are considered as filming locations for the series,” — tabloid reports.

Members of fan-communities over the web keep fanning the flames: “Being a director myself, and based on the leeks, I can tell you to pay attention to the dress and costume [of Kateryna] because it is not the same at the day of her wedding. Everything shown since is happening in her dream… The rest is in the next season,” — Pawel Borkowski shares his insight.

Whether is it true or not we will find out soon.

The second season of the series starts September 2nd on Ukrainian channel STB.

Also, we are glad to announce the premier of the second season in Lithuania on LNK channel on the 2nd of September.