New records of “Love in Chains”. The main actors were invited to Poland

• 20.08.2019

The second season of ‘Love in chains’ series is being broadcasted in Poland now. Ratings are stellar; moreover, episode aired on August 12 broke yet another record. It was seen by more than 3,36 million viewers!

But series fans in Poland are exuberated by other news. Polish national television company TVP, acknowledging series success, announced a meet-up with the cast. Broadcaster has yet to disclose details, it is thought that the female lead Kateryna Kovalchuk, accompanied by actors Mykhailo Havrylov and Oleksiy Yarovenko will visit Warsaw.

Polish viewers responded to this announcement on social media with great excitement and enthusiasm. They wish actors to enjoy their stay in Poland and hope to meet them in person.

“Polish hospitality is famed worldwide, we should organize everything to the highest standard to warmly welcome our dearest guests,” Bogusława Kucharczyk writes.

Oh, they should have visited us already, I’ll be frank – I would have traveled from other side of the world to meet them,” said Nusia Drożdż, who has been following series since episode one.


But some social media users are not that happy about second season:

I repeat, series had been great until it was ruined by ill-thought second season. It’s like a theater of the grotesque sometimes, and seeing a version about a Netherlander left me with eyes like saucers, lol,” tells Margit Regiec.

ł Ziółkowski notes: “The lead character keeps getting herself out of the frying pan and into the fire, writers don’t coddle the viewer too much, plot really lacks in positive accents. I mean, it’s a fiction but streaks of bad luck like that rarely happen in real life.”

A phenomenon of series popularity is also often discussed. Radio ZET on its website analyzes it this way:

“Ukrainian costume drama breaks the records in our country, it has become an event in itself. Poles haven’t reacted so much to the content appearing on TVP in a long time. It mostly reflects a great effort of the team and cast that have created such compelling characters. The audience reacts to their adventures with passion. And the lead actress Kateryna Kovalchuk is destined to become an international star.

Viewers are interested in this topic too: “It’s something incredible, last time that I remember any series, acquiring such an excitement, was ‘Escrava Isaura’. I am captivated too, very curious about this sociological phenomenon. Can anyone explain?:)” – asks Iwona Alina Paluch.

It depicts traditions, customs, splendid costumes, social status of peasants and owners of those times. This series has an educational dimension too,” – says Gość.


Deputy director of Polish Radio Program III Mariusz Cieślik contemplates in his review about an unexpected success series had, advantages of classic dramatic plotlines, TV formats, problems of polish TV market, and market globalization. He concludes his essay with the following:

“For those who think that I use inappropriate categories to assess TV products, consider what kind of message Ukrainians send to the world with ‘Love in chains’ (created by a definitely private channel STB). Admittedly, this series contains oversimplifications. Critics complain about it. But this series tells the story of a nation being born, where bonded peasants become Ukrainians after all.”