‘Love in Chains’ in Poland: ratings and feedback. Week summary

• 12.08.2019

Costume drama series ‘Love in chains’ is truly a massive effort. There are plenty of discusses developing into Polish media and social media; the popularity of the series is even compared to ‘Game of Thrones’, and series’ fans passionately follow the plot.

Jacek Kurski, current chairman of the Polish national state broadcaster TVP, commented on the success of the project: “This is the number 1 TV attraction for Polish audience during the summer vacation season. The decision to buy ‘Love in Chains’ appears to be really successful. The project has a great view results that are growing every day. As for now, the audience of the series is approximately 3 mil viewers, and apparently it will increase to 3,5 mil. The growing rankings of ‘Love in Chains’ results also from the longing of Polish viewers for good foreign costume series, related to our cultural and civilization area.”

Marcin Skabara, deputy programming director of TVP, explains: “The success of ‘Love in Chains’ wasn’t occasional. TVP analyses the market and tries to follow the preferences of the audience to match their taste. And so it was this time.”

“Even Netflix will envy the success of the Ukrainian hit, - na:Temat portal notes. – On the one hand, Twitter is filled with politics, but on the other hand, plenty of people write about series there. There was an explosion of new posts after every new episode of ‘M jak Miłość’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ series, and the same thing happens with ‘Love in Chains’. Everybody grabs their smartphones after the runs of the film.”

The audience also actively share their expressions.

„The first episode of ‘Love in Chains’ we watched accidentally, because there was nothing else to watch on TV. But then we got into it, and the whole family watch it and cannot miss an episode”, - Twitter user Asik from Poland tells.

„I like English costume films, they are perfectly detailed. But when I hear about fish soup, pickled cabbage… about an escape to Poland in Krakow, I already love this series,” – agiuta24 shares her emotions.

Widz user comments on the ‘Love in Chains’ records: “Unfortunately, at first there was almost no advertising for this series, so many viewers have no idea about the film and its release. Not everyone can watch it episode by episode during the vacation season. I hope that soon there will be a rerun of the film, so everybody else can watch this interesting series. Let our directors and producers learn how to make an interesting series.”

As for August 7th, the share of ‘Love in Chains’ has reached 23,5%, and the series has collected 3,161 mil viewers among the audience of 4+.