Foxter & Max: the New Trailer to the Family Sci-Fi Feature

• 05.08.2019

The final trailer for the Foxter&Max Ukrainian family sci-fi feature has been released on the Internet. This new trailer revealed even more vibrant dynamic scenes and tricks, while the movie’s theatrical release is scheduled on September 19th all over Ukraine.

The trailer is available online.

“Hold on for a little more time, and the city is mine,” says Myron, the antagonist of the movie, and hints at his treacherous plan. The villain is portrayed by polish actor Tomasz Oswiecinski

“Behind the scene, Tomasz is a good person with a great sense of humor. Therefore, even when he plays an absolute evil, he still gives the audience a chance for a smile and positive emotions,” comments Anatoliy Mateshko, the director.

“My character, Myron, is a villain, but there is so much fun in it! In fact, people often see me as a dangerous guy because of my physique. However, there is a person with a soft heart under this cover. I have a little daughter, and I really love her! So it was a pretty difficult for me to play a person who was negative about children.

Foxter and Max is almost a Hollywood movie. I was quite surprised by the number of tricks, special effects and professionalism of the Ukrainian team on the set. The children who played the main characters made a particularly big impression on me. Such young actors, but they did their job so easily!”, tells Tomasz Oswiecinski.

The leading roles of Max and his friend Sonya were played by young actors Bohdan Kozii and Vitalia Turchyn from Ternopil, and the film is a movie debut for both of them. Their characters will make a team with Foxter super-dog and will resist criminals to save the world.

“You must stand firmly on the side of the light forces, truly decide to fight evil, believe in yourself and your talent – that is what you need to become a superhero.  After that the world will change and contribute to your victory,” – says Anatoliy Mateshko, the director.

Foxter & Max is a Ukrainian family sci-fi feature about the adventures of a boy and a dog superhero. According to the plot, Max is a schoolboy who finds a spray can with nano paint and draws an image of a dog. Surprisingly, the boy’s graffiti comes to life and transforms into a nano robot dog with superpowers. A dangerous criminal finds out about it and starts hunting them down. 

Foxter & Max is produced by Pronto Film; the screenwriters were Scott Parisien from Canada and Anastasia Mateshko. The film was commissioned by Ukrainian State Film Agency and will be distributed by FILM.UA Distribution and MMD UA.


Director: Anatoliy Mateshko

Producer: Maxim Asadchiy, Kateryna Kopylova

Director of photography: Dmytro Nedria

Scriptwriter: Scott Parisien, Anastasiia Mateshko, Katia Tsiluiko

Cast: Bohdan Kozii, Tomasz Oswiecinski, Maxim Samchyk, Daria Polunina, Anastasiia Mateshko

Production: Pronto Film with the support of the State Film Agency of Ukraine

Distributor: FILM.UA Distribution and MMD UA

Release in Ukraine: September 19, 2019

Synopsis: The twelve-year-old schoolboy Max escapes from the house and hides under the bridge. There he finds a spray can of nano-paints, and draw a graffiti of a dog. Unexpectedly painted graffiti comes alive and turns into dog-nanorobot with super powers. And now both of them are hunted by a dangerous criminal who will not stop at anything in order to seize this powerful technology. Guy Max falls into a whirlpool of adventure, through which he finds true friends.