FILM.UA Group gives a new life to the legendary songs with a brand new project Chervona ruta. Nova istoria.

• 31.07.2019

FILM.UA Group starts working on a new project, a romantic comedy with a working title Chervona ruta.Nova istoria. Despite creators still keep the plot of the film a secret, they make it clear that the music will become the leitmotif of the film, namely the unforgettable songs by Volodymyr Ivasiuk. The songs Chervona Ruta, Vodogray and the others will be a background for a new romantic love story.

Vladimir Ivasyuk wrote his most famous song when he was just 21 years old. Within a few months, the song Chervona Ruta became the basis for a television film-concert, where an aspiring singer Sofia Rotaru took the leading role. Meanwhile, the filmmakers of a new project promise to rethink Ivasyuk’s heritage and show how modern and relevant can be the songs written half a century ago.

The author of the idea is Natalka Yakimovich, general producer of the TV channels at FILM.UA Group, who will also become the producer of the film. Natalka has wide experience in television works at many genres: for example, she was an executive producer of the movie-concert The Power of Love and the Voice, creative producer of the Operation Crimea movie about the seizure of the Crimea in 2014 (Teleriumph award winner), as well as the producer of the The Winter that Changed UsTV series. Chervona ruta. Nova istoria will be her full-length debut.

 “I know Ivasyuk's songs by heart since I was a child. I believe that these melodies and texts do not need any deep creative rethinking, as they are easily infused into a modern context even in their original form. That is why Chervona Ruta is a marvellous layer of Ukrainian urban culture that may not have a single doubt to become a new story. We will tell a story about modern life, about the difficulties in search for ourselves and about its importance among the multitude of stereotypes imposed by society. We are going to tell how crucial is it to hear your voice and, as a result, to find the true love. I am very pleased that my idea was supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and, finally, we are in the script writing stage!” shared Natalka Yakymovych.

The script is developed by the Ukrainian playwright Pavlo Arye, the author of the prominent play At The Beginning and at the End of Times (2013), that was a basis for the successful Stalkers play performed for many years, as well as he mystical thriller The Gateway starring Irma Vitovska.

The authors of the project aspire for close cooperation with the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation that is now funding the most important stage of the project, namely the creation of the script. Next year, the project Chervona ruta. Nova istoria will compete for a UKF grant for the production of a feature film. 

We look forward to new details about the project. Follow the news on the FILM.UA Group webpage.