The settlement of Tugar Volk (Tugar the Wolf) in the very heart of Troieshchyna: FILM.UA presents a new shooting site

• 30.07.2019

On the territory of FILM.UA studio, Tugar Volk's (Tugar the Wolf) wooden fortified house was recently rebuilt as featured in Zakhar Berkut movie, which will be screened on October 10, 2019.

 The collection of the FILM.UA film studio sites is constantly growing! Thus, the settlement of Tugar Volk (Tugar the Wolf), a character from Zakhar Berkut novel by Ivan Franko and the hero of our same-name movie, appeared on the territory of our studio's Cinema Village, right after the magic meadow from Mavka and the fortress from the Stronghold. The construction took a month and a half and is finally completed. And now the movie settlement is hosting its guests. Rent this location by phone at +38 044 501 39 30.


Tugar Volk (Tugar the Wolf) is a Tukholsky boyard, a controversial character who, together with his daughter Miroslava, will play a significant role in the fate of the main characters. The screen version of the above-mentioned novel features the famous Tommy Flanagan who played the part of the boyard and the actress Poppy Drayton who played his daughter.


What are the fates of Tugar and his daughter? Where in the Carpathiansa the views are the most spectacular? Is the house of Tugar Volk (Tugar the Wolf) in Troieshchyna different from its Carpathian original? See in cinemas starting from October 10!