Blockbuster Looking Up, with visual effects by the Kyiv's studio Postmodern Digital, Is leader of Chinese box office!

• 29.07.2019

Last week the Looking Up movie, a space drama, captured the attention of the Chinese audience and became a weekend top earner, displacing “The Lion King” from its perch. The movie, according to Variety, hit the weekend: already in the first days the box office of the picture exceeded $62 million. According to the Box Office Mojo, as of today Looking Up collected more than $93 million. The movie featured a plenty of visual effects, created by the Ukrainian company Postmodern Digital.

The Looking Up movie tells the story of an astronaut, his relationship with his father and his career in the context of China’s development in the last thirty years. Having crashed the spacecraft, the young astronaut recalls his childhood and the lessons his father taught him: these are the memories that help him overcome the tough circumstances. The main role in the film was played by the popular comedian Deng Chao, who also co-directed the film.


Postmodern Digital joined the movie team at the project development stage and worked on it for about eight months. In addition to creating visual effects, Postmodern Digital team supervised the set in China, where they worked with the creative team of the film in the scenery of the spacecraft. For the film, a series of 3D assets of the space station was created, as well as a CG character - an astronaut in a spacesuit and the face of a real actor was then integrated into it. About 10 minutes of Full CG material was created.


“We are very pleased with the cooperation with our colleagues Leng Yi (Orange Films) and Alexey Gusev (Algous studio). Looking Up turned out to be very successful for us not only in terms of the results of work but also on work in the Chinese market in general. This project is exemplary for us in terms of management and communication with Chinese companies, and we will go on working in this direction,” shared Egor Borschevsky, the head of the Postmodern Digital studio.

Looking Up is the second successful Postmodern Digital project on the Chinese market after the fantastic drama Wandering Earth, which bypassed the Avengers: Endgame in Chinese theatres.

We are happy to congratulate our colleagues with another great success in China and wish them new contracts!

Postmodern is a part of FILM.UA Group, the biggest Eastern European vertically integrated company group in TV and film production located in the Ukrainian capital.