Family Touring Ukraine to Fulfill the Dream! A new travel shows on Ukraine TV Channel

• 29.07.2019

Relatives on Tour is a new unusual TV project that combines two genres at once: a family reality and travel shows. The heroes of the program will be narrow Ukrainian families who will unite in teams and struggle for the main prize, overcoming family differences and conflict of generations. At the same time, the show will have a clear social mission: in the finals the winners will receive a money reward, that they spend not on their needs, but on the realization of a socially valuable dream.


Each team consists of two participants, the relatives from different generations, with an age difference of at least twenty years. With “Adventures unite!” as a motto, the heroes go round the regions of Ukraine and pass three tests in each one. The participants will solve small, but important social problems in the cities on their way. They will pick up trash, plant flowers, equip the site at the children's hospital, etc.

The viewers of the program will see how diverse and exciting can be travels in our country. The heroes will visit 8 regions of Ukraine, where they will get known with social innovations and successful startups, and will visit the most picturesque places. During various episodes of the show the viewers will see how snails are bred and grown in Rivne and buffaloes in Transcarpathia, will have a look at a full-flowing waterfall and a pink Lemuriyske lake near Kherson, as well as find out where there are produced Ukrainian cheese compatible to a Swiss one.


The show goes on the air on July 29, and the main goal and emphasis of the show will be a social dream that the participants struggle to fulfill regardless all the obstacles. For the first time in the history of Ukrainian television, the heroes of the program will fight for the right to help an orphanage or animal shelter, build an inclusive playground or buy new costumes for volunteers in children's hospitals. Some episodes of the program will have really dramatic finals that will prove once again that Ukrainians are always ready to help their beloved ones and share everything they possess.


“To be honest, we were quite worried about the casting, but it turned out that there are so many people in our country with a kind heart who find the time and means to help those in need. Therefore, going on tour with a loved one is not only an interesting adventure, but also a good goal for our heroes,” shared Zoya Soshenko, producer of the show from FILM.UA Group.

Our main task was to open Ukraine, to bring together not only families, but also regions. Our project gives participants the opportunity to look at their relatives with different eyes, because in fact the closest people may be quite distanced from each other. As part of the shooting, we were convinced that the characters often do not know their loved ones, their dreams, hobby... You will see in July, how much are they are ready for the sake of family and rapprochement, and how they behave in unusual and sometimes extreme situations.

We fell in love with this project and we really believe that it will be able make the world a better place, not only by changing the lives of our participants, but also by fulfilling their generous dreams.”


Relatives on Tour project become possible with the financial support of the USAID fund. The authors of the project are Natalia Gordіenko and Pavlo Cherepin.

We wish the project good ratings and look forward to the release the Ukraine TV channel!

 Additional Information:

Relatives on Tour project is being implemented by the Ukraine TV channel and production of with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This project was made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Product content is the sole responsibility of the Ukraine channel and does not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the US government.