Filming of Women’s Secrets melodrama series started

• 22.07.2019

The other day, we have initiated filming of Women's Secrets 12-series melodrama in Kyiv. After the first episode was shot, the project plate was broken in front of the whole film crew symbolizing the start of the film production.

Maksim Meheda is the director of the new series. He is an experienced author and for him Women's Secrets is not the first cooperation with production (Other Man's Life crime drama, Forget and Recall by FILM.UA for Ukraina TV channel).

According to the director, his new work is a serious, high-quality melodrama with a hint of some social context. “We all have to face difficult situations in our lives when we need to make an important choice. When we need to critically evaluate all our fears, weigh our capabilities and act in a way so that our choice becomes the right one. According to the plot, the main characters, a 17-year-old student and a 30-year-old woman, both get caught into the trap of such a difficult situation at some point. A lot of things are brought to light – old love, lies, small and major tragedies – all the women's secrets being carefully concealed by the main women characters for a long time. And you know, we all have faced such problems, the audience may have experienced these. Therefore, I am sure that it will be interesting to follow the twists and turns the main characters live through,” said Maksym Mekheda.

About the film: Marta is 30 years old, she is a young, active and contemporary woman working as a psychologist at a college. Marta has a boyfriend, a promising writer Tim. And although their relations are excellent, Tim does not want to marry until his first book is published. What does it mean on his part – a rational approach or cold math?

One day, the college student Yulia tells Marta that she is pregnant. The girl has no idea what to do: she needs parental consent to terminate the pregnancy but she cannot keep the child as her father will kill her. Marta agreed to help the girl as 12 years ago she was in her shoes. Marta arranges a meeting with Yulia's father. After entering the private office, she recognizes Ivan, her ex-lover. It was he with who Marta had a whirlwind romance 12 years ago. Ivan was her first man, she was really in love with him, but then she accidentally found out that he was married.

What will Marta choose – to help Yulia, the dearest person in the life of Ivan, the man who once ruined Marta's life? Or to take revenge on the ex-lover whose betrayal made Marta lose her child? Could the feelings between Marta and Ivan flare up again despite Marta's boyfriend, who, as if on purpose, is in no hurry with the marriage proposal?

The actress Valeria Lanskaya, who can boast of many bright and comprehensive film roles, got the leading part in the melodrama, that of the psychologist Marta. Vlad Nikityuk will act as her boyfriend, Tim, and Prokhor Dubravin – as her former beloved person. The actress Irina Grishak, the star of Noble Tramps musical and comedy action film, got the part of Yulia, the student.

Filming of Women's Secrets melodrama will last until the end of summer. Details are available on the official FILM.UA Group Facebook and Instagram pages.

Director: Maksim Meheda

Director of photography: Artem Vasiliev

Screenplay by: Maria Beck, Elena Boyko

Producer: Viktor Mirsky

Executive Producer: Andrei Rizvanyuk

Cast: Valeria Lanskaya, Prokhor Dubravin, Irina Grishak, Vlad Nikityuk, Lyudmila Zagorskaya, Malkhaz Abuladze, Eric Abramovich, Victoria Litvinenko, Pavel Vishnyakov