Filming of Mother Hen melodrama was started

• 17.07.2019

First episodes were shot in one of the country houses outside Kyiv, which is the residence of the main character, the banker Aleksei, according to the plot.

Then the whole film crew gathered in the yard of the house. As tradition demands, the director Vladimir Melnichenko broke a plate and told about a new film:

The main characters will overcome difficult challenges and gain whatever they strive for and deserve. Why is the film titled Mother Hen? That’s how they call the mother, the guardian of the hearth, who protects her family and beloved ones from any miseries... We are working on a complicated but very interesting story and I believe that we will shoot a great film. Let's wish ourselves and our Mother Hen happy trails!


On the first day of shooting, the following actors were starring on the location: Pavel Vishnyakov, Aleksandra Sizonenko, Karina Mushta, Artem Vilbik.

Anna Skok, the producer, told about the casting process. It turned out that the actor Pavel Vishnyakov was originally approved for the role of a main character's friend: a charismatic, but very ambiguous character.

Our director, Vladimir Melnichenko, watched screen tests and decided that Pavel should act the part of the main character. It was extremely unexpected, but in the end, the actor made his character deeper, and the story itself became more controversial. Aleksei, the main character, will have to sort out priorities in his life and to decide on the most important things for him: either his family, young daughter or the bank, his life’s work. I do not want to add any spoilers, but I will mention that it is a detective story where some characters turn out to be double-dealers. The film has episodes of accidents and conflicts between two strong charismatic men, as well as love, revenge, and tears...”


The youngest actress at the location, ten-year-old Karina Mushta, received a difficult part. On her very first day of shooting Karina had to cry – and she acted in such episodes flawlessly! The girl has already got certain acting experience: Karina starred in Polina and Maid-in-Law films shot by FILM.UA studio.

It should be added that the premiere of the 4-melodrama will take place on TV channel Ukraina this year.


About the project:

NADIA KOSENKOVA, a primary school teacher at a private school, adores her work and pupils. For this, she got the nickname Mother Hen.

Nadia dreams to have a child, but children “do not fit into” the plans of her husband, VLAD, the headmaster at the same school. And soon it is revealed that he has long been cheating on Nadia. Having learned of her husband’s betrayal, Nadia quits. Nadia loses both her family and her job in a single day.

At the same time, the tragedy happens in the family of Nadia’s pupil, Liza Aksenova. Right on the girl’s birthday, her mother dies in a road accident. Lisa’s father, Aleksei, has never been on good terms with his daughter and has no idea how to get on with her. Moreover, the girl faces serious psychological issues after her mother's death. The only person who can reach her out now is Nadia. Having understood this, Aleksei offers Nadia to become Lisa's tutor for some time.

Thus, Nadia gets into the big country estate of the Aksenovs and unwittingly becomes a participant of a big and dangerous game related to Aleksei's activities. It soon turns out that his wife's death was not accidental and that everyone close to him is also in great danger.

Director: Vladimir Melnichenko

Director of photography: Mikhail Lyubarsky

Idea created by: Daria Velichko, Marta Leshchenko

Scriptwriters: Andrey Pertsen, Aleksei Sivolap, Vladimir Melnichenko

Producers: Victor Mirsky, Natalia Stribuk, Irina Chernyak, Elena Malkova, Anna Skok

Cast: Aleksandra Sizonenko, Karina Mushta, Pavel Vishnyakov, Aleksei Khilsky.