“We made a lasting impression”, or How the presentation of Hide and Seek went in France

• 05.07.2019

On Wednesday at SeriesSeries, a festival in Fontainebleau, the Hide and Seek crew had a triumphant presentation.

According to our previous reports, on July 2 in France at SeriesSeries the first episode and case study of Hide and Seek criminal drama were presented.

Olesya Lukyanenko, creative producer, shared her impressions:

“It was full house and nobody left (with the exception of one guy who had to take a phone call). Then there was the case study, our moderator was Philippe Triboit, French director and screenwriter. In my opinion, we had an interesting conversation about project creation, work on the script, improvisation, casting, defending the budget and creative solutions inside the company as well as about Ukraine and Ukrainian market in general. After the presentation we got lots of feedback about strong style and visuals of the project. We had directors, screenwriters and producers from different countries – Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, and others – coming up to us. I feel we have made a lasting impression! The organizers told us that 150 works were submitted. We were the only Eastern European project accepted though there were series from Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, and other countries.”

We are very happy about the success of our criminal drama in Europe and extend our congratulations to the colleagues who worked on this project. We are looking forward to the series premiere in Ukraine in autumn 2019.