The story of uniting on big screens: Lvivske TM supports Ukrainian cinema

• 11.06.2019

This is a story about will, the power of uniting and an unbreakable spirit that will reach every heart. In autumn we will see the release of The Rising Hawk, a Ukrainian-American feature. Ivan Franko’s novella will come to life onscreen, and the premiere’s partner will be the first Ukrainian beer, Lvivske TM.

Less and less time remains before the release of the most expected premiere of the year. Over 600 filming hours, about 1,000 unique costumes and props, incredible sets, shooting in the Carpathians and world-known actors – all this is about The Rising Hawk, a Ukrainian film.  

No doubt, Zakhar Berkut novella is known to everyone since school years as it is the peak of uniting and unbreakable spirit of the Ukrainian nation. Akhtem Seitablayev in cooperation with his American counterpart John Wynn took to translating the classical story into an epic action feature. To create a contemporary and visually enticing film, a team of Ukrainian, American, British, Kazakh and Mongol actors, screenwriters and other cinema professionals was gathered. The main role in the film was played by Robert Patrick (Terminator 2). Apart from him, the feature stars well-known Ukrainian actors like Andriy Isayenko, Viktor Zhdanov and Oleg Voloschenko along with renowned international celebrities Tommy Flanagan, Poppy Draton, Alex MacNicoll, Oliver Trevena, and others.

Lvivske TM, being a real Ukrainian brand, respects and supports the development of culture as the new Ukrainian movie touches upon the sacred issues of freedom, choice and dedication to own people. The traditions of Ukrainian nation, the unity of Ukrainians and their values – these are the aspects connecting Lvivske and The Rising Hawk.

Anton Panasenko, marketing director at Lvivske TM, is convinced that The Rising Hawk will open a new page in the history of Ukrainian cinema:  

“We are proud that Ukrainian film industry is developing at impressive speed and attracting more and more viewers to the cinema. The Rising Hawk immerses us into rich Ukrainian culture. It is a story about uniting of our people, which deserves attention. Love for your land and coming together of a nation, respect for traditions and culture are the main values of Lvivske brand so this is why this partnership is so important for us. We are happy to become a part of the most epic Ukrainian film!” 

Just a reminder: The Rising Hawk will go into wide Ukrainian theatrical release on October 10, 2019. The film is based on a novella by Ivan Franko and produced by Kinorob and Cinema Day, with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency. The general media partner and broadcaster for the film is Ukraina TV channel.

The film shows events of 1241. A Mongol horde headed by khan Burunda is moving west, destroying everything on its path. They stop at the foot of the Carpathian mountains where at night local hunters, the Berkut brothers, secretly penetrate the Mongol camp and liberate the hostages. The khan decides to move straight ahead to bring revenge and destroy Carpathian villages. To do this, he finds a traitor among the locals who shows him a secret passage in the mountains. However, a small group of mountain hunters headed by Zakhar Berkut aims to stop the numerous enemy.