Premiere of the first official trailer to Foxter & Max family feature

• 10.06.2019

The first trailer to Ukrainian family sci-fi feature Foxter & Max is now available online. In the video the film’s protagonist, Foxter the dog superhero, appears for the first time as a 3D robot. The film’s premiere in all cinemas of the country will take place on September 19.  

Foxter & Max is a Ukrainian family sci-fi feature about the adventures of a boy and a dog superhero. According to the plot, schoolboy Max finds a spray can with nano paint and draws an image of a dog. Unexpectedly, the graffiti drawn by the boy comes to life and transforms into a nanorobot dog with superpowers. A dangerous criminal finds out about it and starts hunting them down.  

The film’s director is Anatoliy Mateshko known for his films The Trumpet Player, The Captivity, and Bourjois’s Birthday. “The main message of the film is that family, love and trust are the most valuable things in our life. And also that self-confidence and real friendship are able to overcome evil and save the world. Foxter & Max is an emotional film full of kindness and a great opportunity to organize a family visit to the cinema,” said the director.  

This is a story about self-learning, the eternal value of friendship and the emergence of the first romantic feelings which will remain relevant for each young generation. Every one of us used to be a child. And with passing years, each of us has become certain that the memories and emotional impressions of childhood years constitute the most vivid and essential part of our personality. It is this sincere understanding that childhood is the most fascinating period of life that we tried to integrate in our movie,” said Kateryna Kopylova, film producer.

The main roles of Max and his friend Sonya were played in the film by young actors from Ternopil Bohdan Koziy and Vitaliya Turchyn; those were their debut roles in the cinema. The role of the main antagonist is played by a Polish actor Tomasz Oświeciński. The film features extensive 3D graphics and character animation the postproduction team is not actively working on.

Foxter & Max is produced by Pronto Film; the screenwriters were Scott Parisien from Canada and Anastasia Mateshko. The film was commissioned by Ukrainian State Film Agency and will be distributed by FILM.UA Distribution and MMD UA.

Foxter & Max

Director: Anatoliy Mateshko

Cameraman: Dmytro Nedrya

Producers: Maksym Asadchiy, Kateryna Kopylova 

Genre: adventure, fantasy, family movie

Cast: Bohdan Koziy, Vitaliya Turchyn, Tomasz Oświeciński, Maksym Samchyk, Roman Khalayimov, Darya Polunina, Maks Rodionov, Vlad Mamchur, Anastasiya Mateshko 

Production: Pronto Film

Theatrical release: September 19, 2019

Synopsis: A creative but lonely schoolboy Max finds out that the graffiti image of a dog he drew using a spray can found under the bridge has come to life as a nanorobot dog with superpowers. Now they are both hunted by a dangerous criminal who will flinch at nothing to capture this powerful technology.

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