FOXTER & MAX becoming a part of FILM.UA Group distribution portfolio

• 07.06.2019

FILM.UA Distribution has included in its distribution portfolio a sci-fi film about friendship between a boy and a dog superhero directed by Anatoliy Mateshko (produced by Pronto Film with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency). 

The film has already been presented at Marché du Film, the biggest European content market, where it has enjoyed attention from the global buyers. FILM.UA Distribution along with MMD UA is also responsible for the film’s theatrical distribution in Ukraine. The wide release is planned for autumn 2019.

Foxter & Max is not the first film non-produced by  FILM.UA Group and included in FILM.UA Distribution package. Just a reminder: in 2017, a deal with Star-D Productions (China) was signed on the sales of all rights (excluding format) for The Dragon Spell animated feature produced by Panama Grand Prix. Besides, the company’s distribution portfolio includes The Adventures of Saint Nicholas by BIG HAND FILMS

“No doubt, Ukrainian cinema is developing, becoming more noticeable at global content market and enjoying significant demand,” says Ihor Storchak,CEO at FILM.UA Distribution. “The success of The Stolen Princess animated feature sold to 50+ global territories testifies to that. We are open for proposals on distributing Ukrainian theatrical products and we believe in the great international potential of our projects.”  

“At the very beginning of our project, right during concept development and screenwriting stage, we believed that this is a universal story able to interest people from all over the world,” says Kateryna Kopylova, film producer. “We are even more optimistic about the film’s distribution future after FILM.UA Distribution has come onboard and already started its difficult and responsible work on presenting our film to the public. We are convinced that thanks to joint efforts our film is in for a successful future and appreciation of the biggest possible audience.”  

“It is great to realize that the long and challenging work of a big creative group is nearing its end, and with each day the prospects of premiere and anxiety about the audience’s reaction become closer,” says Maksym Asadchiy, film producer (Pronto Film).

Foxter & Max

Director: Anatoliy Mateshko

DOP: Dmytro Nedria

Producers: Maxim Asadchiy, Kateryna Kopylova

Genre: adventures, fantasy, family film

Cast: Bohdan Kozii, Vitaliia Turchyn, Tomasz Oswiecinski, Maksym Samchyk, Roman Khalaimov, Daria Polunina, Maksym Rodionov, Vlad Mamchur, Anastasia Mateshko

Production company: Pronto Film

Release: Autumn, 2019

An artistic, frustrated pre-teen discovers that the graffiti dog he painted with a found can of what he thought was spray-paint, has come to life in the form of an ultra-intelligent super-dog made of nanobots. But now both of them are being hunted by the most dangerous criminal in the city, who will stop at nothing to get this newest technology in his grasp.