FILM.UA Group advertising production and San Sanych trademark, leader of sunflower seeds market, entered into a creative collaboration

• 21.05.2019

Starting from mid-April, a new advertising campaign of San Sanych brand (Snack Production group of companies) began on digital platforms and on air of Ukrainian TV channels. It is an animated video created by FILM.UA Group advertising production jointly with Animagrad animation studio.

The basis for creative concept of San Sanych new advertising is the plot, characters and soundtrack to Crazy Wedding, a popular comedy feature and a Ukrainian box office leader of 2018 with the ticket sales amounting to 54.7 million UAH.  

“For a truly popular brand and market leader like San Sanych only a record-breaking story like Crazy Wedding could be a fit,” said Evgeny Razuvayev, marketing director at Snack Production. “And it is a big stroke of luck to find a team speaking to the audience in the same language we do. San Sanych, just like Crazy Wedding, is first of all a story about our cultural and mental traditions changing with us but still making an integral part of our everyday life. That is why we really hope that this popular story will find a soft spot in the hearts of our consumers!”  

The new advertising video for San Sanych has the same title as Naykrashchyi Den’ (Best Day) hit song from the movie (over 22 million views on the official YouTube channel) recorded by a celeb duo of Potap (Aleksey Potapenko) and Oleg Vynnyk specially for Crazy Wedding. The melody was also used in the advertising for the product brand. 

The video’s plot also refers to the events in the movie: a well-to-do farmer, sunflower seeds expert San Sanych, the brand’s face and the main character of its communications, arranges a wedding of his elder son and the daughter of Vasyl Seredyuk, the protagonist of Crazy Wedding. In the video, just like in the original film, the master of ceremonies at the celebration is rambunctious Nazariy Zapukhlyak played in the film by Yuriy Gorbunov, actor, host and producer of Crazy Wedding. Nazar Zadniprovsky (playing the role of Vasyl Seredyuk in the movie) and Yuriy Gorbunov also lent their voices to the characters in the advertising video for San Sanych.  The plot for advertising video was adapted by one of the film’s screenwriters Nikolay Kutsyk.

Naykrashchyi Den’ advertising video was made in 2D computer animation. This was a result of synergy from FILM.UA Group companies and projects: creative and production capacities of Animagrad, a leading animation studio in Ukraine (The Stolen Princess, Mavka. The Forest Song) in combination with celebrity cast and brilliant ideas from Crazy Wedding movie, along with fruitful work with the clients from FILM.UA Group sponsor projects team transformed a hugely popular comedy into a cartoon and communicated the main messages of the client for the widest audience.

“Humor is something uniting our brands and bringing them closer to the consumer,” said Olga Smolina, creative director at Snack Production. “The story becomes successful only when two brands have matching spirits and moods. Crazy Wedding and San Sanych have a lot in common, starting from general popularity and up to great visuals, clear plot and incredible energy. I would like to separately mention the style of animation making San Sanych stand out among the rest of the content in advertising communications and also seamless interaction among all departments of Animagrad and FILM.UA Group management.”

The animation video for San Sanych became yet another joint project implemented by FILM.UA Group advertising production and Animagrad. Other successful cases of the team include advertising content for Rastishka yoghurts (Danone group of companies), lifecell, Prostokvashyno and other major brands.   

You can watch Naykrashchyi Den’ advertising video for San Sanych TM if you follow this link.