Brave Bunnies: Ready! Steady! Go!

• 14.05.2019

In May, Glowberry creative production together with Spanish partners – Anima Studio – start the production process of the animated series for preschoolers "Brave Bunnies". It is based on the story of a family of Brave Bunnies, who went on a journey around the world to find new friends. In each episode they meet a new character and find a way to become friends with him.

The big idea of the series is to show children the diversity of the world, to teach to accept the specific features of others and find a common language even with those who are different from you. Using the example of Brave Bunnies and their friends, parents can explain how to interact with other children in the kindergarten or on the playground. While creating the plot of each episode, the scriptwriters group consults child psychologists and takes into account sensitive periods and interests based on age.

The author of the idea and creative producer is Olga Cherepanova. The artistic style and the entire visual part were created by the famous Ukrainian Illustrator Anna Sarvira. The animated series will consist of 52 episodes, each of 6 minutes and will be ready by the end of 2020.


The Brave Bunnies series was presented by Glowberry team for the first time in October last year at the Cartoon Forum in Toulouse. The global Idea, musical and educational concept and illustrations received positive reviews from representatives of Nickelodeon International, Spin Master, Mattel, Sony Pictures Television Networks, BBC Studio and other significant agents of the industry. Even according to the Canadian edition Kidscreen, Netflix representatives noted that Brave Bunnies is one of the projects that are being actively discussed at the forum. And only six months after the first pitching, the partner of co-production - famous Spanish Studio Anima officially joined the project. The Studio has offices in Spain and Mexico and is one of the most famous players in the market of Spanish-language digital content for children.

Brave Bunnies is the only Ukrainian project of such scale, which managed to engage a European partner in co-production. This indicates the relevance of the creative idea for the international community and the high level of its implementation by Glowberry team.

"We are very glad that the idea of Brave Bunnies jumped out into the big world and found partners so quickly. There will be a lot of fun, games and music for children in the series. Topical issues of the first socialization of the child in modern society will be raised in a playful way considering that with each passing year society becomes more multinational all over the world. "We are very excited and inspired to start working on the project with our team, which brings together creative people from different countries", – says Olga Cherepanova, author of the idea and Glowberry creative producer.

"We are glad to join the "Brave Bunnies" project and believe in it`s great international potential. In parallel with the TV series, we are also beginning to develop special content for internet channels, which will be adapted immediately in English and Spanish"Angel Molinero, Сhief exeutive officer  Сhief exeutive officer Anima.

This is a significant step forward for the national animation industry and the opportunity to show the skill of Ukrainian specialists who create world-class content in the international market.

The teaser of Brave Bunnies is available by the link.

Glowberry is a Ukrainian creative production, which creates content for children: books, applications, cartoons. For 10 years of work more than 20 books have been printed, which are successfully sold in the CIS countries, Russia, China. We have created more than 15 mobile applications that have been downloaded more than half a million times worldwide and have repeatedly reached the top of iTunes App Store and Google Play ratings.

The first Glowberry major animation project – Mom hurries home – became pitching finalist of many European and American animation festivals: Cartoon Forum, Animation Production Day, Cartoon 360, Annecy International Animated Film Festival (MIFA), Ottawa International Animation Festival, The Financing Forum for Kids Content.

Glowberry is a part of FILM.UA Group, the biggest Eastern European vertically integrated company group in TV and film production located in the Ukrainian capital.

Anima is a leading animation studio with offices in Mexico city, Madrid and the Canary Islands. Specialized in 2D and CGI animation, it creates, produces and manages high-quality brands and develops original projects for kids and the whole family. Recent projects include "Legend Quest", "Cleo & Cuquin", "PINY Institute of New York", as well as "Here Comes the Grump", "Ana y Bruno" and "The Legend of Charro Negro".