Institute of Journalism (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv) is now a partner of Mr. Jones Movie

• 07.05.2019

The marketing campaign of the Mr. Jones movie by the famous Polish director Agnieszka Holland goes on. The campaign is based on a social and educational project, aimed to preserve the memory of the Holodomor in Ukraine in 1932-1933 and popularize information about the journalist Gareth Jones in Ukraine and all over the world.

The Institute of Journalism of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv has joined the project as a partner.

“The name of Gareth Jones, who was the first to spread the truth about the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine under his own name, should remind everyone who has chosen the profession of a journalist about honesty, dignity and, above all, truth”noted Iaroslava Prykhoda, the associate professor of the department of publishing and editing of the Institute of Journalism.

The first joint large-scale event will be participation in the program of the 9th International Book Fair ‘Knyzhkovyi Arsenal’ in Kyiv.

On May 25, at 17:30, in the Cinema Hall, a panel discussion called ‘Why the world that relies only on post-truth, is doomed?’ will take place. Among the participants: Oleksandr Chekmyshev (professor at the Institute of Journalism and media expert), Viktoria Romaniuk (PhD in Cultural studies and media expert), Margo Gontar (journalist and founder of StopFake and Dostupno.UA projects). Iaroslava Prykhoda, the associate professor of the department of publishing and editing of the Institute of Journalism, will moderate the discussion.

During the discussion, we will talk about the post-truth world and its extreme danger for humanity, about the consequences of post-truth, the professional ethics that might no longer come aside journalism and documentary, and how to return the value of journalistic ethics. Finally, we will discuss: what should happen in society, so that individuals like the British journalist Gareth Jones become an example to follow.

Within the framework of the partnership, a number of other joint initiatives are planned with the participation of the Institute of Journalism.

Last fall, the students of the Institute of Journalism Olena Tyschuk and Valentyna Pasichna published the book called Journalist Gareth Jones in 20 copies, with the biography and articles of Mr. Jones – and this book became their bachelor’s project. The authors of the idea and the project leaders were the associate professors of the department of publishing and editing: Iaroslava Prykhoda and Maryna Zhenchenko. Now the work on finding opportunities to reprint the book in an updated format and in large quantities, is on the go.

We are happy that such a powerful organization joined the social and educational project we are doing alongside the marketing campaign of Mr. Jones movie. Since the first time we met, it has become clear that we are looking in one direction and understand the importance of what Gareth Jones did for Ukraine. We want to inspire future generations to be ‘like Gareth’, because he was a role model not only as a charismatic personality, but also as an incredible professional in the field of journalism,” – commented Polina Tolmacheva, marketing director of FILM.UA Group.

Recall, that on the Kiev City Administration website, goes on the voting for the naming of the lane in the Shevchenkivski after Gareth Jones. It is symbolic that the lane is located near the Institute of Journalism, which actively supported this initiative. Public discussion will end on May 19th.

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